Govt not aware of MDF brutality


Despite the local media being stormed with reports of Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldier’s brutality at Chikangawa Forest, government has disclosed that it is not aware of such cases happening.

The sentiments follow reports of men in uniform abusing civilians at Chikangawa forest while exercising their duties of protecting trees.

Sangwani Phiri
Sangwani Phiri: Soldiers worked as mandated.

Among such cases of abuse include the recent report by local press that claimed that a woman was forced to have sex with an unknown man when she was found in the forest.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, public relations officer responsible for environment and climate change in the ministry of natural resources energy and mining Sangwani Phiri said government is not aware of such abuse and he applauded the soldiers for working as mandated.

“We have not received official complaints as the ministry we just get it from other quarters that there is an abuse of human rights of people found at Viphya plantation and on such issues we don’t have to speculate because we don’t have a substantial evidence,” said Phiri.

He added that government will take action on the reports upon having evidence of abuse by the soldiers at Chikangawa.

Malawi government deployed MDF soldiers to patrol Chikangawa forest following a sharp depletion of trees due to logging.

However the public was later to be informed of human rights abuse to people and communities around the forest.

95 thoughts on “Govt not aware of MDF brutality

  1. Find another business ladies and gentlemen. If you are competing with armed defence force, you are waisting your time.You did grow trees there and government is mandated to control the trees .

  2. Atibuleni onse amend akuononga nyama ndimitengo yachilengedwe munthu amamva ndizikoti amend akunena zoti akulakwitsa ndiye kuti ndi mamembala a game pocher musadabwe nao yemwe mutamupeze muthyoleni mwendo asazakuyiwaleni

  3. Iwe Sangwani phiri ndwe mbuz nyani galu, w@ asubstantial evidence u r lookn 4? Pple r starving dea in dfferent ways so u r sain nyonyonyo,,, who u told u 2deploy ds w@ we call bullshit soldiers to de forest, is d@ asolution? Nyanja ndyo ikupitayo agalu amenewa alipo, chan chomwe akupanga? Koma kuchnda kukwata mahuleeee…

  4. akanakhala kut ndi a police akupanga zimenezo anthu mukanatukwana kut a police ndi mbuli koma pot enawo ma media ali pheee amabungwe oloo kulankhulapo mumawapezelera apolice nkhani ya chitetezo popanda nkhanza ntchito imene ija singatheke chifukwa munthu anabadwa osamva.

  5. ndiyo musilikali uyo, dialogue has failed then use force, awa mbaliska wakuphalazga vya chiuta cha but soldiers who fight. muvikutumule chomene mpaka viphemele muwakabunthu kkkkkkkkkkkk but dont stop there go to our lake and wheep tanzania dogs who have stolen our lake coz enough is enough go konko.

  6. MDF mukundimvetsa kukoma mwamva! Hammer them until all run away! how fast desert chikangawa &other forests are becoming, muli ndi mavuto ndinu Nokha?

  7. I also support the brutality being shown to idiots who keep on burning Chikangawa forest. I felt like crying last week passing by only to see charred remains of recently burned down trees. In present day Malawi, democracy will never work. The only way is to whip us into line. I believe anyone who isn’t happy with the MDFs Chikangawa forest presence is a sponsor of those burning down the forest…period.

  8. Let MDF use force otherwise a man is a very distructive creature. if you treat them with kid gloves these people will never stop destroying the beautiful forest let them move away from the forest its a protected area!

  9. Mwakaika ma solder kumeneko kuti akagawe AIDS pogwiritsa ntchito mphamvu ndi udindo osati kukayang’anira mitengo

  10. all activities leading to environmental degradation, deforestation, when they are criminalised, leading to police failure to handle such situation, army does it better. this is a no negotiation point. some forest criminals even create no go zones in malawi protected areas where forestry personnel, police dont dare move in. you move soldiers out and bring in any other person than them, the activities will resume and continue.

  11. This pathetic shit of a statement can only come from none other than the incompetent now fired malisoni. The lying but some how wise Ntaba could have said ” government has not received any complaint from anyone about the alleged brutality to that effect. However if such information arrives at our door, we will run a thorough investigation and whoever will be found on the other side of the law, let me assure you that the law will take its due course. Blablabla… Has the law ever taken its due course in this joke of a country?

  12. Chonchi Malawi ingatukuke? Anthu akuteteza nkhalango kuti isaonongeke Inu mukuti brutarity? Amalawi sitimadzifunira zabwino. Or is this the way you have decided to Demean our own Brother and Sisters serving in the Army? Malawi Army belongs to all of us and what they are doing is forthe goodness of our own environment that influences the rains in our country. Utolankhani wanu ulibe phindu apa.

    1. Utolankhani wa anthu ena umakhala opanda phindu,iwowa sanazione mmene anthu akunkhalango amalusila. Nkhalango zikatha azitinso boma siliganizira chilengedwe.

  13. Yeah ,that is why they are called MDF. Their task is to deffend and by force . Vuto la munthu nloti safuna kumva ndi mawu koma ndi khofu . Atikiteni.

  14. The government knows MDF better. If they send MDF it means they want force to be applied. Asilikali sapanga nthabwala, it’s not their part. If the government wants something softer then go for forest officers or game rangers.

  15. Anyamata pitani mukateteze nyanja yathu ija dzina isamangokhala chete zakhalango zopanda ntchito koma pitani muteteze nyanja ikupita mukuona chikharirecho mukupita kumaiko ena kukhazisisa mtendere.nanga bwanji zanyanja zikuvuta pati.

  16. Asirikali mukafuna zachilungamo pena kufuna ndalama a mlauli akuphani.Civilians akuphani akunamizani ndi ndalama kenako akuoheni samalani zikatere muyambapo zantchito sopano

  17. How can an irresponsible government be aware of the brutality of its citizen when everything about its citizen comes last ..?

    1. This govt might be clueless on many other things but on this one they have my blessings. Let’s not smile on idiots bent on destroying our forest…hit them where it pains most Retreat no surrender

  18. withn the the army there is rules and they have oficers who cannot toralate that , i think that’s the scapegoat for those who need to encroche the beutiful forest .

  19. Slap them ,spunk them and even drag them into mud they want to make Malawi a desert so l don’t care what you do to them apeze zochita zina,komanso inu a nyumba za wayilesi mapazi anu ambali imodziwo simukuona kuti mitengo ikutha?

  20. Well done anyamata. imeneyo nde tchito ya ana amuna.pokutumizani akufuna chilengedwe chitetezedwe.honey moon is over.munadyako m’mwemu kudakwana and pezani njira zina zopezela ndalama not ivoo va u poor

    1. Then who knows what to do? Those who set fire to the small make me sick guys. This is our country and let’s not smile at people who are bent on destroying it…#bravomdf

  21. Boma lake la mkononoli lingadziwe zimenezo? Ngati limasunga chigawenga cha ku Ruwanda chomwe chinapha miyandamiyanda ya anthu chija nkumakhala mdziko muno boma osadziwa ngakhale wakhala akusakidwa kulibwanji zimenezi? Tulo too much.

  22. Mukuona ngati akati boma ndi chani???….everybody who bends the law…should lick a boot!! akugwira ntchito yoteteza nkhalango nde anthu ena amapita kumakaba mitengo..

  23. amalawi ndife achamba penapake….Sitifuna kunva ndi mau ayi..akufuna kuti aziwasekerera then azikaba usiku mwanseri…….Aonjezere nkhanzazo asilikali kut nkhalangoyo itetezedwe

  24. Without brutality being excersised by the mdf, then i don’t think it will mean conserving the forest since those being brutalised are pests to our forest, so i see no problem with that.

    1. foolish they shooting our relatives for two pieces of fire wood. you fired thousands of employers who may surpevise the forest. move MDF to the city to strengthen security and employee people to look after forest

    2. Brutality is a crime. If they find them then arrest them and go stand in court. You cant run the country by force but law.

    3. What sort of brutality? These people deserve that…God gave us a beautiful country, but these pests ate it away. Bravo MDF no turning back!!

    4. all activities leading to environmental degradation, deforestation, when they are criminalised, leading to police failure to handle such situation, army does it better. this is a no negotiation point. some forest criminals even create no go zones in malawi protected areas where forestry personnel, police dont dare move in. you move soldiers out and bring in any other person than them, the activities will resume and continue.

    5. The mdf being the last line of defence, made government to thought it wise by asigning them to do the good work rather than apointing forest reserve officers for they are full of corruption & acepting bribes from these pests,for example people involved in charcoal business they complain much to say they have payed huge sums of money to buy there freedom together with bags of charcoal,so such act cannot & will not bring change unless mdf shows no mercy to these people for change to exist.

    6. Ada Patrick Nyamkanda, I feel sorry for your lies. Chikangawa forest has been a basket case for so many years where your so-called fired relatives have failed to protect the forest for future use. Let’s not be emotional on this one. We ought to look at governments last resort after numerous failed attempts at dialogue failed, with a sober and patriotic mind. I believe the brutality will show the fired relatives, and make them realise they don’t control the forest.

    7. Hahaha ! I agree with this one, government knows better of MDF they use force not sweets so what else are looking for? After all we have been hearing sawyers challenging to burn up chikangawa if government continue with its decision to close it for regeneration! What idiocy! Please MDF hammer them until they all vanish

  25. kkkkkk ayesa polisi ija amayiwonererayi agwire ntchito basi yawo ndiyakuphatu osati aziopa human rights kkkkkkk kokaaaaa

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