Local coaches trash FAM’s decision to hire an expatriate coach


The decision by Football Association of Malawi (FAM) to hire an expatriate coach for the Malawi National Football team (the Flames) has strongly been condemned by the local coaches, Malawi24 can reveal.

The FA is said to have engaged Malawi government on the possibilities of hiring an expatriate coach for the depleted Flames saying the association has tested every local coach but the team was not performing as expected.

Yasin Osman

Yasin Osman

But this statement hasn’t gone well with local coaches who have since asked FAM to reverse this decision.

More than 25 local coaches, who were graduating with CAF A Coaching License on Tuesday afternoon, said this is the right time for them to take over since they have acquired more knowledge.

“I think it’s unfair for the FA to overlook us for an expatriate coach. If you check our history, the team has never qualified for African Cup of Nations with an expatriate coach on board but with a local coach, why underestimating us?. This is the right time for us to take over since we have acquired more knowledge from this CAF A Coaching Licensing course so we are urging the FA to reconsider hiring one of us,” said Yasin Osman who coached the team sometime back.

The Flames post became vacant in August this year following the expiry of Ernest Mtawali’ contract before hiring his deputy Nsanzurwimo Ramadhan on an interim basis.

The FA has made it clear that an expatriate coach is likely to take over the team next year.



  1. I fully support FAM for that decision. Local coaches can but nepotism too much. The team that went to Angola was assembled by Kim and later Kina brought in his brothers, cousins and nephews. Young brot silver, enawo mukudziwa,

  2. The best way the government can do is that bring the coach and give him a room to recruit good players and give them ajob and pay them monthly and their allowances . Give them a certain thing to do .

  3. The problem isnt with whosoever coach bt inadequate funding and lack of motivation coupled with clear seeding plan. Learn frm fellow Africans in the west

  4. The better option is to end flames,,,, even if you want to hire foreign coach you choose coach of low profile,, with no CV ,mpira wa mmaclub umatikwanira

  5. FAM is very right. The local coaches are total rubbish. They have failed us big time. Yasin was tried, and so were kinnah, young, Jack, Eddington, Ernest and… The list is endless. There is nothing new these guys can offer.

  6. walter nyamilandu sudzanvanso iwe,ndipo sudzathekanso pliz tula pansi udindo nupaseko mpata ena ayesere, iweyo zakukani,tawona ukulephera kupeza yankho loyenera pa team ya dziko lino,mapeto ake ukungolimbana ndi ma coach,kodi mosemuja sudadziwebe kuti best coach ndi player payekha? ngati osewra sakuyikapo chidwi chawo or mutatenga coach wa madrid or baca palibe chomwe chingasithe,player ndamene amadziwa zoyenera kuchita mu pitch according ndi situation yake.wationongera mpila wathu mmalawi muno ndima decision ako opanda nzeruwa.usiyiletu upeze chochita china,ku sulom nako wasokoneza,ma referees nawo wasokoneza esh! FAM si company yogulitsatu sugar,munthu wabji osokoneza,upite ku illovo komweko

  7. Vuto sima coach vuto ndi osewera ambiri asewera thawi yaitari akalamba ndiye palibe chachirendo angatibweretsere ,Anaofewa alipo sawagwiritsa tchito ndiye kaya ndangodutsa sindinathyole

  8. National team yathu ndi mbola basi,ngakhale mutatenga Josephy Morinho zinkhala chimodzi modzi.Chepetsani kuononga ndalama za boma po panga hire local one.

  9. Angofuna pabela ndalama za Boma sitipindula kanthu we have had them before we never won any cup local took us to Angola Africa cup of Nations and won plate in sout Africa cosafa competion kubela masankho nkumaba ndalama pamenepo

  10. Mmmmm akunjawo ayi borani konkuno.Chuma sichikuyenda bwino nkumafuniranji akumayiko ena.NDIBWINO NATIONAL TIMU ITAKHARA NDI MA PLAYER SPECIAL AKHARE PA TICKET MWEZI UKATHA AZIRIPIDWA.izi zitha kuthandiza kt team yathu izichita bwino.Coach wakonkuno akunja ayi.

  11. I agree with FAM to hire a foreign coach for simple reasons 1. Not biased 2. Always Government responds very rapid for his request because he is a foreigner. 3 He can secure places for our players to play in foreign country .4 Our local coaches will get upgrading courses for their career.

  12. Malawian coaches tsankho bas ati BB&NOMA flames yakwana bas.Panopo tikufuna mbulu,njobvu,salambula,nd ena otero not mr penalty.nzungu abwele bas.

  13. Local Coaches have failed those of us who grew up in the 70 and 80s know how expatriate Coaches transformed the National Team from a humble humiliated bunch of players to a team that would take strong powerful teams at Kamuzu Stadium. There was a Brazilian Wonder Moreira, British Ted Powell, these Coaches were able to identify strong powerful players and were good at fielding players and able to read the game, during their time we never lost to the neighbours including Zambia. FAM has tried to accommodate all the available Coaches Malawi has ever produced but it has been failure and failure, exuses and execuses. To be honest the team that went to AFCON in 2010 was coached by Constantine before he resigned in fact he resigned because of being attacked by our useless so called sports reporters. The first game they won against Algeria was Constantines team, after that its when the Malawian Coach messed up by bad fielding of players, and misunderstanding between the Coach and his assistant Young Chimodzi. If Malawi want to make a name in Soccer we have to hire a tactician with a good track record, look at how Uganda has improved with the Expatriate Coach. Look at how we have faired in the Cosafa under20 very pathetic failing even to score! When we say expatriate it does not mean whites, we have experienced international coaches like Shakes Mashaba from RSA, from Egypt or Nigeria. Remember how Ghana Taunted us in Lilongwe? their reporters told Kinna Phiri point blank the truth. So please lets not cheat ourselves we need a tactician not former National team players turned as Coaches. Playing football and coaching are two diffent things, so Malawian coaches should not cheat us here that they can bring change to the National Team, they need to been trained beyond super league level of Malawi. Those who want to Coach the National team must be trained and attached to Brazilian or East European teams but the way we are we need a foreign Coach to improve our soccer and recruitment of National team players.

    • Why blame local coaches when Walter Nyamilandu has failed our coaches? it is Fam’s responsibility to train these coaches.

  14. local coaches r shit..ali nfi matimu awo kumalawi kuno so when they came into selection for the players in time of the game amangotenga a timu imodzi okhaokha..hire basi si zachambazo

  15. Local coaches or foreighn ones no changes to come out FAM jst look at the welfare of players.Hw much they ar getng?Iz t enough for them to play with peaceful and organized mind in the pitch wthout thnk of their household problemz?If the players ar happy the gud results wil com

  16. Awater palibe chimene akupanga kungolimbira udindo umenesangauthe angotululapasi sizaufumuizi ayi ena ayekonso kakaka ngati ophuzira ndiwookha munthu wopanda manyazi adakhala bwanji ngati ameneu asaaa.

  17. Zaziii olo akupaseni inu ainake dzikoli palibe chomwe chingasithe. Olo abwere wakunja palibe chingasithe. Point ndiyoti flames simatha mpira olo atazakocha great man conte koma flames ndi manyaka mbola ya team. Ingowapasani akuno wa. Tipange support home industry koma does not mean flames ingazachite bwino izo ndiye ayi. Daswhy sindimaisapota izangondipha ndi BP.

  18. local coaches or not ,wht we need is the overhaul from both fam and the national team mayb bringing new people with fresh i deas at fam my change the perfomance of national team nanga kumangokakamira anthu omwewomwewo amene alephera kupanga develop footbal 4 the past yrs

  19. In the past we tried expatriates we got nothing, then we tried local coaches at least we got something,malawi went to afcon finals in angola, What we need now is to overhaul fam,referees association and Sulom with the assistance from goverment, the current officers in these organisations are killing our Soccer…

  20. Aaaaaah!! who are these people at FAM who can still think backwardly.White never translates into gold.Think innovatively devoid of wastage of scarce resources.