Govt happy with Malawi-Egypt bilateral relationship

Maher El-Adawy

The Malawi government has commended the Egyptian government for its continued support to the country.

Speaking to members of the press, Minister of Information Malison Ndau said among others Egypt has been assisting Malawi in the areas of agriculture, health, and education.

Ndau also mentioned capacity building trainings as some of the things that Malawi has benefited from Egypt.

Maher El-Adawy
Maher El-Adawy; Says the relations between the two nations are commendable.

“Let me thank the government of Egypt for the support which you are giving to Malawi. And that the skills which are gained in the capacity building trainings are adding value to people in the country,” Ndau said.

The minister added that the relationship between the two countries has been enhanced through the capacity building programmes.

“I am optimistic that you will not stop from here but rather do more than expected for the benefit of us all,” Ndau added.

Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi, Maher EL Adawy said the relationship between Malawi and Egypt was growing stronger every day.

“For the past two years I have been here the state of our relationship has been excellent and I am looking forward to achieving more with the Malawian government,” EL Adawy added.

On Wednesday Egypt and Malawi signed a joint permanent cooperation commission agreement which will see the two countries working hand in hand in many developmental areas.

The Egyptian embassy has managed to send 377 Malawians to Egypt for capacity building training programmes.