Authorities fear spread of leprosy in the north


There is fear leprosy may spread very quickly across the northern part of Malawi owing to lack of proper and adequate healthcare.

The observation has been made by stakeholders in the health sector who have confirmed the existence of leprosy cases in some parts of the northern region.

In an interview, director for Malawi Health Promotion Alliance Daniel Sambo, said deadly diseases like leprosy spread very quickly where there is no proper medical care.

leprosyHe said he was worried by reports in the local media which indicated that leprosy patients were sharing one room with other patients at Mzimba district hospital.

“That would spread the disease very quickly. It was very bad. People affected by such diseases needs to be quarantined and treated separately and not combining them with malaria patients,” he stressed.

Reports reaching Malawi24 team indicate that the disease is still spreading in some areas within the northern region.

Though some cases are not publicly known but reports indicate that about 10 people are suspected to have been infected by the disease.

Media relations officer for Mzimba south hospital Hellings Nyirenda confirmed that his hospital has registered some leprosy cases though he was not accurate on the number of patients who are suffering from the same across the district.

“Last week, we registered only one but we are still on the ground to trace all people who are affected so that we treat them before the disease spread,” he said.



  1. the picture you have placed is misleading, because that is NOT leprosy. leprosy is transmitted through repeated contact with AN UNTREATED infected person, so obviously if they are in hospital they are being treated and can therefore not spread the disease. please do proper research before you publish some of these things cause you could cause a panic.

  2. from leprosy to chinyera thats why happens in northern region of malawi…kack of sanitation is a cause of all this.

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