20 November 2016 Last updated at: 10:50 AM

Angry Euthini students destroy classes over teacher transfer

Students from Euthini Secondary school on Friday destroyed school blocks in demand of the return of their former head teacher in Mzimba district.

According to information sourced by this publication,the students are not happy with their new teacher.

They then rioted by destroying the school blocks, smashing the windows and other structures at the school among other things.



Confirming on the local press, councillor for the ward Annie Nkhata said the students want their transferred head teacher Crescent Kapila back at the school.

“I can confirm that its true that students here have ready destroyed their classes saying they don’t want their new head teacher” said Nkhata.

She added that the school committee is yet to meet on the matter.

The school is reported to have received a transfer letter for their head teacher who was on the move to one of the secondary schools in Karonga district.

Following the transfer the school had a teacher from Chirumba secondary school who was to replace Kapila but this did not go well with the students who could not let the transfer during their time at the school.

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