Angry Euthini students destroy classes over teacher transfer


Students from Euthini Secondary school on Friday destroyed school blocks in demand of the return of their former head teacher in Mzimba district.

According to information sourced by this publication,the students are not happy with their new teacher.

They then rioted by destroying the school blocks, smashing the windows and other structures at the school among other things.


Confirming on the local press, councillor for the ward Annie Nkhata said the students want their transferred head teacher Crescent Kapila back at the school.

“I can confirm that its true that students here have ready destroyed their classes saying they don’t want their new head teacher” said Nkhata.

She added that the school committee is yet to meet on the matter.

The school is reported to have received a transfer letter for their head teacher who was on the move to one of the secondary schools in Karonga district.

Following the transfer the school had a teacher from Chirumba secondary school who was to replace Kapila but this did not go well with the students who could not let the transfer during their time at the school.



  1. Ufulu wa ana wuwoneke, ana tsanalakwitse cz may samveka, then action must talk for them. The government through Education ministry just bring back Mr kapira to Euthin. There no need of discussions here.

  2. Iknow mr Kapila he is agood Teacher .someone who know his job no wonder ana amawafunso bt ana analakwa kuswa school they could have another.solution to bring the teacher back !!Bt to be honest he is goid teacher no any student would like him to go!!He was my head teacher at Livingstonia sec school!!

  3. Mwana Wa School Kungowonera Mayeso Amamangidwa, Koma Sitinamvepo Kuti Apwanya School Ndiye A Court Awagamula, Kodi Milandu Yonseyi Yo Pwdnya Schoolg Yikadalibe Ku Khoti?

  4. Kkkkkk kd mexa muri ku xool ko kt muchotse umburi?Zowona kuwononga xool kz ov a Head Teacher?Huz he kt mpakana mutero?NDALAMURA OSE OMWE APANGA IZI MALAMURO AWAFIKIRE.

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  6. To hell,ithink an iron hand is worthy here,how come kids who have shit on there asses cause trouble for such silly issue?Adzisuta vamba,kumapha nkhumba,kuma bouncer pa geli,ma darkconner kumawasekelela?Avaye pa den till further notice shupiti!

  7. we had de same situation 2012 when lovly literature teacher was transferred bt we never vandalized anythng we new dat de xool we also benefit for pre students meaning you bt to de other hand Educational division z wrong 4 transferring 2 teachers head and deputy at de same minute

  8. mmm poyika ma coment anuwo kaganizani musamunyoze mtumbuka ayi sukuluyi yiri ndi ma student a mitundu yosiyanasiyana ya anthu mwana wa mchewa,mtumbuka, mtonga,myawo amapezeka pa sukuluyi mitundu yonseyi yama student ndi mbuli makamaka obwerawa akubweretsa umbuli wa kwawo kukawononga dzina la mtumbuka zopusa! kuzolowera kusaphunzira eti!

  9. The word barbaric may well not be that enough to describe such aimless acts. The source of all that is simply (IGNORANCE ). Poor Euthini “””

  10. Kupusa zinazitu anawa osamangowasekelela ayi,kusamusidwa kwa phunzitsi chingakhale chinthu choti mpaka ana akaphwanyile school.ana amenewa akamabwela zonse zaonongeka pa school akonzetse okha asadikile Boma kuti ichitapo kanthu,choncho mukakakhala makwanumo ndiye akapanda kukuitanani mudzati akukuphwanyilani ufulu wanu wa maphunziro yet mukuziyamba nokha.ana opusa zedi

  11. Students need not to take the anger that far.
    Its a pity that very soon they will realise that they are learning in a class with broken Windows.

    Poor kids,poor minds,poor Malawi.

  12. Atolankhani akaphulira awa saona title ya news how can u write things to condemn in our tym I remember one Ralph mwenenguwe wrote Barbalic students perish their own school .By then I learnt of who is a barbalic person in history form two . I tell u I was concerned to be associated with some one a plunder.

  13. This is barbaric behaviour at its best that need to be wholly condemned.Students must learn that teachers and headteachers are not permanent employees of their schools. Government employees can be moved any time to other stations where their services are needed. Therfore the headteacher who has been moved away from that school will not at anyway come back to Euthini SS. It is either the students comply with the new adminstration or go to onother school where you feel will be good for you.Vandalism is a criminal act hence the laws of Malawi must be fully employed .Those students involved must answer in the court of law. Those misguided people supporting vandalism in schools just show how narrow minded they are.

    1. Well said my bro,but am afraid to be more comfortable with that decisoon of taking them to book,court or whatsoever thats according to our political enviroment,will u not be inforefront to raise an alarm or yo bro to accuse the government for taking such action?

    2. Thanks bro Bright,we need a solution to these vandalism problems. Drastic measures are needed to bring this school vandalism to end.This is now a national cancer needing serious action

    3. My opinion is that destroying school was one of the theoretical lessons the teachers teach nowadays because I see logic in destroying xool simply coz of transfer ; let’s look beyond inf

    4. I see no logic in destroying xool coz of transfer ; teacher have resorted to using students when they don’t want transfers so let’s also look at the credibility of our noble teachers today otherwise look at a student alone is like building by destruction and it can’t take us anywhere ; mind you its us the parents who will pay as someone rightly said government so watch out you teachers who use minors to accomplish your I’ll motives

  14. Kkkk.. 2sides of the story. One side; this teacher treats his students more softly as his children and students feel comfortable to talk to him than the rest. Second side; This teacher ndi wamiseche, ozimva komanso amalolera zopusa among students hence zigawenga zapasukulu ndi influential students are his friends ndipo ndi omwe achititsa kuti the whole xool be affected…… every coin has 2sides. Kumpoto woyeeee, nyasa republic woyeeee,,, mzimba kingdom woyeeeeee, kkkkkkk….

  15. Kuvetsa chisoni,malo moti alimbikile sukulu,kukoza tsogolo lawo ali busy ndi tsogolo la muthu wina head teacher,kkkkkkk umbuli sizithu

  16. Koma atumbuka chaka chino alanda boma basi akwiya kwambili akukana kuvala zazifupi makondom achikazi kugenda sukulu ni vichi sibweni niwa longosi madaziano kkkkkkkk

    1. Ukunanga malo ya ma comment iwe. wanyako wakulemba vya mahala, mbwenu wekha kulemba vyambula fundo. No soni wawe munyakhe nthena wangu sisita waka. nkhanira iwe walengeska.

    2. Ukunanga malo ya ma comment iwe. wanyako wakulemba vya mahala, mbwenu wekha kulemba vyambula fundo. No soni wawe munyakhe nthena wangu sisita waka. nkhanira iwe walengeska.

  17. Sometimes olemba nkhani athu mitu yankhani imawasowa kuphwanya sukulu chifukwa cha transfer ya mphuzitsi is that angry or ignorance this is umbuli at its best these lads doesn’t deserve to be at that xool

  18. vuto si ana ai km ahead atsopanowa uknw he refrained the students frm any sort of entertainment such as having disco,sporting activities and any sort ov social affiliation such as the use of phones at xul was also banned,chosecho pa xulupo pali hall nde due to that students weren’t happy about that and in reaction thus they decided to vandalise the xul,uknow in the era of BLT Mwakayuni in 2011 our own fathers wanted to vandalise it again due to the transfer ov their best english teacher for the 4m 4s bt fortunately policemen frm different police stations apart frm kambavi the only nearest police unit such as kafukule,mbalachanda and even mzuzu were alerted in advance and did patrol,hence it failed,2015 graduate

  19. Amawauzira mayeso ameneyo mpaka, kuswa xlu kalipo, ndithu kena kamene amacita ameneyu, sangasangalatse mwana aliyese pa xlu ayi, km ine ndapeza kt amanera mayeso that’s 2 bad.

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    1. Stupid decisions breeds stupid actions. If u giue the best u get what u deserve. Dont blame the pupils blame the cause. Eg. causes of war, disease, femine, pregnancy, poverty, illiteracy levels, protest, lack of leadership skills, societal decay, discontentment etc, etc.

    1. Amakhala ngati ana a Zuma ku south africa mazulu ozikonda,amaziyesa anzeru kwambiri koma opepera m’maganizo.mtundu wakamlepo palibe chabwino.

    2. Other comments are as brainless as students themselves.We at Chaminade by that time couldn’t support the idea of kunanga sch yithu when meeting in the courtyard but to find an altenative but constructive solution to the existing prblm.We had tribalistics & parasites but got them neutalized.Euthini students! This is the worst thing you’ve done to yourselves.Do you mean pakabevya wamahala pagulu linu apo?

    1. Dzikolo ndilovutikilatuu kuposa Zimbabwe and inu mkumazichemelera kuti timaonongelatu, mulibe nzeru inu ndithu,kaya ngati Xul yakukanikani don’t be so stupid,wandinyasa bwanji

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