World Bank impressed with disaster recovery efforts

floods Malawi

The World Bank says it is impressed with the way disaster victims across the country have recovered from the January 2015 floods.

This was disclosed by a delegation of supervisors from the World Bank which is in the country to see how communities are recovering from the floods.

The team has since toured rehabilitation works of primary schools in Mangochi and Chikwawa, Mbadzi intake Water Supply scheme in Chikhwawa, Tizola Dyke in Chikhwawa and the Mwanga to Chitekesa Bailey Bridge in Phalombe.

floods Malawi
Floods displaced thousands in Nsanje last year (File)

The Bank’s Malawi Floods Emergency Recovery Project (MFERP) Task Team Leader based in Washington Ayaz Parvez said they are impressed with the enthusiasm of the Project Implementation Unit of the District offices and communities to help themselves in recovering from the devastating disaster.

“We are extremely impressed with the communities in their efforts to recover fully in terms of their livelihoods in terms of their infrastructure and service delivery in all aspects that we can help” explained Parvez.

Commenting on the matter, director of disaster and recovery at the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) Scholastica    Chidyaonga said the coming in of the World Bank team is commendable as it has helped communities in disaster prone areas.

“The communities have been made aware of climate change and deforestation which is causing devastating floods,” said Chidyaonga.

She added that people are now able to know about environmental degradation and are being involved in the restoration of lost trees.

Meanwhile, some parts of the country are expected to experience rainstorms this year, which may also cause flooding.

Earlier this month heavy rains destroyed houses and a school in Mzimba, displacing numerous people.


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