Parents against distribution of condoms in primary schools


…11 girls reportedly pregnant at a primary school in Mzimba

Parents in Mzimba district have spoken against the ongoing distribution of condoms to learners in primary schools saying the move is fueling sexual activities among pupils in the country.

The concerns have been raised following revelations that about 11 girls have reportedly been impregnated by their schoolmates at the school.


Cause for concern?

Over the past months some nongovernmental organizations working on reproductive health have been conducting series of condom distribution exercises in primary schools across the northern region.

According to the organizations, the move is aimed at eradicating spread of sexually transmitted infections among young people whom they say are usually sexually active.

But owing to the pregnancy reports, some parents in Mzimba have asked authorities to stop the organisations from distributing the condoms.

Speaking on Saturday at a meeting organized by the school committee under the Parents Teachers Association (PTA), parents emphasized that the distribution of condoms is encouraging sex among learners.

“This is fueling immoral behavior among our children. You find them always talking about girls and sex. We don’t want the distribution of condoms here, our children must not be spoiled by these nongovernmental organizations,” screamed one of the parents at the meeting.

Malawi Primary school

Parents against condom distribution idea in Mzimba. (File Image)

Another parent described the so called organizations as headless saying encouraging sex among young children is immoral and should never be condoned anywhere in Malawi.

“We don’t want them to come with condoms here. This is not acceptable in our society.           We don’t give children weapons of massive distraction,” he said.

Headteacher at Kamalibwe primary Alfred Siko concurred with the concerned parents and assured that he will channel their concerns to relevant authorities for immediate action.

On his part, chairman of the school committee Wongani Nyirenda described the meeting as fruitful because parents expressed their concerns without fear.

But a representative from Hope for Future organization, one of the organizations distributing condoms in Mzimba, said they will not stop distributing condoms in schools because they are mandated by government.

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