26 October 2016 Last updated at: 10:04 AM

Ex-MYP cadet cautions against recruiting weaklings in Malawi Police

A  cadet who served in the Malawi Young Pioneer (MYP) until the fateful ‘operation bwenzani’ has claimed that employing weaklings in security departments like Malawi Police Service may pose a great threat to the country’s security.

The ex-MYP officer, 72 year-old Phaskani Nyirongo, was commenting in line with observations that some newly recruited Police officers are very young and do no look not physically fit.

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Recruiting weaklings? (File)

“We need energetic individuals in such security departments. It’s stressing to learn that some present day police officers look very weak and not physically fit,” he said.

Amidst some flashbacks, Nyirongo said during the late Kamuzu Banda’s reign, recruitment into security departments was strictly based on physical abilities and not really academic background.

“Much as education is relevant but, we need people who can be respected as police officers and not kids. Security issues must not be taken lightly,” he added.

This comes concurrently with national outcry against employing people who do not meet minimum physical appearances in various security departments, including the Malawi Police Service.

Most people are of the view that the present day Police service is underrated by civilians, and consequently insecurity is becoming a reality in Malawi.

However, a former bodyguard for President Bakili Muluzi, Dyson Kamanga said no matter how young a Police officer may look, he remains a law enforcer.

He said the duty of the present day police is not necessarily to be threats to people but rather friendly to the same.

“It’s awkward to employ a physically fit man who is uneducated. Nowadays, it is unacceptable to employ someone because he looks energetic,” he said.

Kamanga further said Police officers, whether energetic by appearance or weak, go through the same training before being hired as qualified law enforcers thus appearance doesn’t matter.

There was no immediate comment on the matter from authorities at the Malawi Police headquarters in Lilongwe before publishing this article.

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