6 October 2016 Last updated at: 2:54 AM

Malawi urged to step up efforts to end maternal deaths

Health stakeholders in the country have spoken on the need for government to employ and train more midwives to reduce maternal mortality.

Speaking in an interview, executive director for White Reborn Alliance, Nancy Kamwendo, said the number of women who are dying due to maternal complications is very worrisome hence the need for government to step up efforts to curb the trend.

Nancy Kamwendo

Nancy Kamwendo made the call.

Kamwendo claimed that one of the reasons for the increased maternal mortality in the country is lack of adequate staff attending to expectant mothers.

According to a recent investigation which the White Reborn Alliance conducted, one midwife in the country serves about 1200 pregnant mothers against the recommended 175 in the country.

Kamwendo said the current status quo is very worrisome and needs urgent response from government and other stakeholders.

On his part, minister of health Dr. Peter Kumpalume said government is already working towards improving the health sector in the country and the issue of preventing maternal deaths is among government’s priorities.

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