By October 3, 2016

Months after gospel artist Grace Chinga died, Malawians will see the late star in an upcoming movie titled the Right Partner.

Right Partner Movie

Grace Chinga’s name marked in red. on the movie cover.

Reports reaching Malawi24 indicate that late Chinga was featured in the movie some time before her death.

Commenting on the issue, director of the movie who is also manager of the newly formed record label Bench Mark said they are waiting for the right time to release the movie.

He was however reluctant to reveal the role which late Chinga played in the movie saying he will comment when the right time comes.

She acted under the nme Angella.

“It is true that Grace Chinga was featured in the movie but I can’t comment much on that, let us focus on our newly formed record label which has come to promote talent in movie and music industry in the country, said Saindi.

He continued saying that their record label has signed one artist by the name Mystery and they are yet to finalise with the second artist Steve Spesho.

“We are also planning on signing a third artist who is a female,” he continued. “We will still be searching until we reach the recommended number.”

The new record label is part of Bench Mark Institute of Technologies based in Zomba.


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