30 September 2016 Last updated at: 5:52 AM

Epileptic man drowns in Lake Malawi

A man identified as Anderson Chijuwa has drowned in Lake Malawi after he suffered an epileptic attack while swimming.

drowningPublic Relations Officer for Nkhatabay Police Ignatius Esau has confirmed to Malawi24 saying that the father to the deceased Morris Chijuwa indicated that on 27 September 2016, the deceased went to Chikowa fishing camp along the shores of Lake Malawi for swimming.

It was at this place where the deceased whilst swimming suffered an epileptic seizure and later drowned.

The dead body was discovered by people who were also swimming near the said fishing camp who later reported the matter to his parents.

After police were informed, they together with medical people visited the scene of the incident and postmortem that was conducted singled out suffocation as the cause of the deceased’s death.

The deceased hailed from Kachipapa village, T/A Mankhambira in Nkhatabay district.

Meanwhile, police in the district are advising people whose family members have epilepsy to see to it that the family members are not allowed to go alone to rivers, lakes, wells or any other water body where there is a likelihood of drowning.

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