‘Corruption holding Malawi back’

John Chisi
John Chisi
Chisi; wants to meet APM.

…Chisi, Hellen Singh want to meet APM

Corruption has been described as the major cause of the economic challenges Malawi is experiencing it has been claimed.

According to Director of Institute for Policy Interaction Rafiq Hajat, Malawi can develop if citizens find a possible solution to corruption happening in government ministries and other public offices.

Hajat was commenting on the request by John Chisi President of the of Umodzi Party and United Independence Party leader Helen Singh that they want to meet President Peter Mutharika to discuss how to end the malpractice as a country.

Speaking to one of the local radios, Hajat said the meeting of the president and opposition leaders will be productive since the results from the discussions will benefit Malawians.

Rafiq Hajat
Hajat: The meeting could prove vital.

He added that government should concentrate on promoting and improving health, agriculture and economic standards in the country rather than plundering the public resources.

“Corruption is bringing a lot of challenges and problems like poverty, hunger, shortage of drugs in public hospitals just to mention a few,” said Hajat.

For a long time Malawians have been complaining about plundering of public finances in public offices such as ministries and district councils as well as theft of drugs in the public hospitals.



  1. All institutions hospitals, police stations,agriculture stations, universities, town councils, district assemblies, escom, water boards, churches secondary and primary schools, district education offices etc are all transacting filthily in the name of seeking commissions, stealing moneys continuously. There is massive corruption in these institutions. Everybody is stealing from messenger to director. It is sad these same people have guts to blame each other of fraudulent transactions. You find a doctor is blaming escom, or a teacher is blaming a district lands officer, or DC is blaming waterboard officer ha ha ha ha mbava zokhazokha izi palibe olungama mu ma office a ku Malawi.

  2. That is the genuine reality of our land.Corrupt political leadership…corrupt ANTI CORRUPTION BEURAL…No functioning public protector office(the ombudsman is dead)…Malawians are deeply sleeping,waiting for Jesus to come and save the drowning ship…

  3. No matter how briliant ideas one would have want yield anything because the president is incapable of fighting the problem. Kamlepo says ministers are too corrupt and APM says na lie. Tomorrow APM says malawians are too corrupt, steals everthing anywhere and at any time. Seems like corruption has totally confused the mind of the president such that he forgets that yesterday he said one thing, today the other and tomorrow totally a different thing. All in all, he knows the truth komanu khoswe wakhala pa mkhate. This is where i find APM different from previous CEOs of the land. He is too soft. No wonder another convicted cashgater will be walking to her freedom next week.

  4. Good effort Chisi,go a head ,you are one of my Think Thanks. Let s join him.We have talked and cried enough,this zany leader and his Dpp continue ruining our malawi.This country belongs to malawians and not to Dpp.You can as take us to the streets to force Peter to step down.Join him ,CCJP,PAC,Livingstonia synod,Kapito.Opposition..CEDEP,CHRR,Academics,Ntata, join Chisi,he has a good cause.Its not on, just look on these Dpp monsters ruining our country when you are around,unless if you have been given a sikono.If you havent,Rise Up and Act. Dont you feel bitter seeing Liars,Thieves and Brutes Manipulating you politically ? You have let these clever fools run our affairs for long,Look at the Mess we are all in.Malawi has fallen,Rise up ,talk and act.

  5. Alikut a cashgate? He is scared to arrest them poti naye nzankachisi .kulira kwa akumudzi nimatembelelo ,olemera azingolemerabe.

  6. Good luck Mr Chisi,but dont go alone,hold hands with kwacha,Loko,Zala ziwili,kamlepo and other party leaders,united we stand.

  7. Efforts to end corruption must be for each one of us. It must be our way of daily living. Tisazisiyire a Chisi, APM, a ndale ndi boma sizitheka. Chodabwitsa azipembedzo are doing nothing over corruption. Why can’t someone start a completely independent organisation to fight this evil. Why are we protecting and maturing corruption.

  8. this govt is doing non.i assume it as failure to govern this country. these two brothers are mediocre presidents i ever saw.hand over mr president u have failed

  9. Chisi ndiwokhwima maganizo. He is patriotic and akudziwa kuti ndale zinatha mu May 2014. Amatchula zolakwika ndikuperekanso alternatives kuti vuto lichepe kapena litheretu. Osati za ma CSO zija zofuna podyera ndalama. Chisi, I salute you. That’s the way to go. Amakonda dziko lawo. Simunthu woti akufuna ndalama ngati enawa ayi. Pitani abwana.

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