Chavura labels Sir Patricks the ‘uneducated soprano guy’

Sir Patricks

The controversial Trap Squad member Chavura was at it again on what could be the most sold out radio show, Made on Monday, as he branded his ex-crewmate Sir Patricks the ‘soprano guy short of education’.

Sir Patricks
Sir Patricks has been dressed down.

After a shocking exit of Sir Patricks and Stich Fray from the Blantyre based group two weeks ago, celebrity radio personality Joy Nathu hosted the duo on his Monday night show on MBC radio 2 to provide them with a platform to tell their side of the story last week. 

This week it was the turn for the group’s surviving members, Chavura and Revolver, to be heard alongside their manager Ron CZ.

It was none other than the Mzuzu University graduate who vomited insults against the afro singer. Chavura was just okay with calling the M’mene Ndimamvera hit maker the ‘soprano guy’ because he was angered with Patricks’ parasitic behaviour hence not worth a formal address. He blamed the singer for influencing Stich Fray to leave the group along with him.

He attributed the duo’s exit from the group to selfishness as they wanted individual interests to prevail over those of the group. Chavura claimed to be just the opposite of the two. However, he maintained that Stich Fray is a nice guy as such they do not have issues with him.

One thing Chavura never missed was to reveal Sir Patricks’ talkative nature. He said the ‘soprano guy’ is very argumentative; he ignited arguments whenever they wanted to come up with a new project.

Manager for Trap Squad, renowned video producer Ron CZ seconded Chavura on the reasons Patricks and Stich left the group. He said the two demanded much of his expertise in visual production on solo projects such that a week before leaving they wanted him to shoot two videos for their songs in one day. Ron added that the two went as far as accusing him of creating divisions in the group by favouring Chavura and Revolver.

Chavura defends the Trap Squad.

In sharing his side of the story, Revolver said he knew the two were going to leave the group. This came after they (Patricks and Stitch) were getting too close to Dan Lu while giving zero effort when it came to something to do with Trap Squad.

The low paced rapper is responsible for identifying talent to be roped in the group. Born Ken Muwamba, he spotted Stich Fray and Sir Patricks who were later signed.

On signing new artists to fill the gap created by the unceremonious leaving of the two influential members, Revolver said for now they will not sign new artists.

Trap Squad was established in 2003 in Mzuzu. It started with four members; Ron CZ, Chavura, Revolver and Judagaga. Stich Fray joined in 2009 while Sir Patricks in 2015.

The group once signed Hypa and Lady Pace but they left to concentrate on school and switch to another record label respectively. It remains with three members following clearance that Judagaga is still part of the group as she never left.

Ron CZ the manager made it crystal clear that the group is still intact and no one can break it.