Malawi has new British ambassador


Britain has appointed a new High Commissioner to Malawi to replace Michael Nevin who has already left the country.

Malawi Holly Tett
Holly Tett: new UK ambassador

The new commissioner Holly Tett will take up her post in Malawi in January next year. She joined the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 2002 and her most recent post was in Argentina. She has also previously worked in Ethiopia and Tunisia.

Speaking on her appointment, Tett said she feel honoured to take up the post and will use the position to strengthen the partnership of the two countries on a foundation of mutual respect and affection.

She said: “With our shared history and common interests, Malawi is an important partner for the UK in a region that matters to us. I look forward to strengthening our partnership further on a foundation of mutual affection and respect – delivering concrete outcomes that support development, prosperity and security in Malawi and the UK. And of course my family and I are excited to explore all corners of this beautiful, diverse and warm-hearted country.”

Meanwhile, the European country has sent Simon Mustard to Malawi who will be temporary High Commissioner for the period between Nevin’s departure and the arrival of Tett. The temporary High Commissioner has just finished a posting in Jordan where he served as Deputy Ambassador. He previously worked in the Middle East, Washington, Central America and London

Mustard claimed that Malawi’s relationship with the United Kingdom is one of the most important the UK has in Africa and his role is to sustain it.

He said: “We are committed to working together to tackle the challenging humanitarian situation the country currently faces and to continue to promote stability and prosperity. I look forward to working closely with the Government to ensure the UK can play a key role in all of these areas and help the people of Malawi.”




  1. This woman is a bomb eish! On serious note while other countries send well qualified individuals in international affairs and diplomatic relations to be high commissioners, Malawi can send a doctor, farmer, lawyer, teacher, engineer, soldier, policeman to be a high commissioner.

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