17 August 2016 Last updated at: 8:37 PM

Nomads, Prison United fined

Barely 24 hours after the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) imposed hefty fines and bans on Mafco FC and Big Bullets, the association has now fined Mighty Wanderers and Prison United following a fracas that occurred at Balaka Stadium during a Carlsberg Cup quarterfinal match between the two sides on Saturday afternoon.

According to a statement released by the FA on Wednesday afternoon, the whole fracas started when Prison United supporters sitting behind Wanderers’ technical area provoked their counterparts who in return, through security officer Trouble Kumsowa, hit back, resulting in a massive fight between the two sets of supporters.

Suzgo Nyirenda

Suzgo Nyirenda: signed the statement

The statement signed by General Secretary Suzgo Nyirenda has further quashed Wanderers’ claims that there was no preparatory meeting before the match to discuss a range of issues in preparation for the match including security issues.

According to the statement, the situation was exacerbated by the actions of Mighty Wanderers General Secretary Mike Butao and Vice Treasurer Chulu Mkangama who joined their supporters in confronting Prison United supporters, forcing the match to stop for a few minutes before an intervention from match coordinators.

Determination and sanctions

The FA’s organizing committee established that the two teams displayed unsporting behaviour that led to the whole fracas.

The committee found Prison United guilty of failing to take necessary precautions to prevent their supporters from displaying unsporting behaviour contrary to article 24.21 of the Rules and Regulations and have been fined K150, 000 to be paid before the team’s next official match.

The Nomads, who won the match by a goal to nil, have been found guilty of failing to take necessary precautions to prevent their officials and supporters from displaying unsporting behaviour by leaving their designated technical area to confront Prison United, resulting into the massive fight contrary to article 24.21 of the Cup’ Rules and Regulations.

As a result of their actions, Mighty Wanderers have been fined K300, 000 to be paid before their next official match.

The FA has also warned Wanderers officials to follow procedures by engaging authorities when handling issues of provocations or any other issue at a football match instead of taking the law into their hands.

However, the association has advised any aggrieved party to be free to appeal to FAM’s disciplinary committee within 24 hours after payment of K450, 000 as per the Carlsberg Cup Rules and Regulations.

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