Mutharika is a true democrat for meeting student leaders – Kaliati

Patricia Kaliati

While his directive that fees at the University of Malawi (Unima) should get a K50,000 reduction has met the wrath of many Malawians, vocal Minister of Information Patricia Kaliati holds no other sentiments to President Peter Mutharika other than calling him ‘a true democrat’.

Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati: Mutharika is a democrat

On Thursday, Mutharika who is also the Chancellor for the University met representatives of the student unions from the constituent colleges where he made the directive that there should be a reduction of K50000 in the proposed fee hike that had a minimum of K400,000 and K900,000 for generic and upgrading students respectively.

His meeting and directive has so much pleased the Information Ministry which says Mutharika has portrayed that he is a good leader for accepting to meet the students and slashing the fees.

‘’Government wishes to thank the State President His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for being a listening leader and arriving at a compromise with the University of Malawi students over fees. We are proud that Malawi has a true democrat under whose leadership citizens are free to express themselves, including through demonstrations,’’ reads a depict of the statement Kaliati’s office has released.

The statement has also gone ahead to attack some of the organizers of a series of demos that protested against the fee hike. It describes them as political actors.

‘’Government is aware that the organisers of the miserable demonstrations wanted to use University fees as an excuse to pursue a desperate agenda of mobilising a national political revolt. This has not worked. The movement has collapsed because Malawians are reasonable.’’

‘’Listening to the sentiments of the organisers, their issues are scattered and they do not make sense. These are political machinations that wanted to chance a ride on the back of innocent University students. They have failed. Thank you the people of Malawi for rejecting blackmail,’’ goes the statement which has apparently faced criticism by Malawians on the social media.



  1. Kaliati kusowa zonena a true Malawian can’t say that can’t you see hw malawians are suffering now we r talking of a hundreds of thousands of kwachas here why can’t you ask you Pitalayooo asitse mtengo school fees not k50grand koma at least mk210. 000.00

  2. Why are you people pissed off? When you were voting them back into government in 2014 what did you expect? Did you really expect to see a new DPP? God did his part after hearing your cries but you chose to go back to Egypt. Why cry now? It’s the same Kaliati mukumudziwa uja. Why are you surprised?

  3. Madam minister move around Malawi in the country side and find out if the duaghter son of Pt4 teacher will be able the fees. Democracy is there but it is limiting the right of education of many poor Malawians.

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  5. Kukweza fees ndi 400% malipiro kuwasiya osakweza democracy ili pati pamenepo,pena muziganiza mukamayankhula sibwino kumangofuna kusangalatsa bwana nthawi zonse pena kumayankhula zanzeru ndibwino,ukasowa mano usamaswe phale ngat simunapite ku university mukufuna kuwaphela tsogolo ana anzanu? Shame on u

  6. Mzimayi uyu anayamba bwino koma pano wationesera kuti anthu andale onse amapanga zofanana pano ndi hule wachabechabe mpaka kusiya chipani chake eti kuli kusata ndalama.

  7. She is right. He is the first Malawian Democratic President to have such a forum. Don’t criticize for the sake of criticizing.

  8. Iam appeal to all youth in malawi lets form new youth party that will make sure that this old people like kalayati will go forever malawi will never change if this people since UDF time they are still there

  9. Fees must fall,hospital fee must fall,Land bill must fall,walking fee must fall,anakulakwira chani amalawi pitala ????????????

  10. “what goes around comes around”. If you do bad things to other people. Bad things will happen to you. On the other hand. Good things will happen to you do good things to other people.

  11. You old granny! its time for u to get a pension and pave way for younger leadership. Stop talking rubbish and just go to hell with ur bwampini.

  12. True democrat to her and not to the masses that are suffering. What is that K50 000 compared to how much the fees increased? She is just the “yes boss” type to everything that those on top says.


  14. kaliati ndimunthu modzi wandale ndamukonda amaziwa chomwe amachita koma pakhani iyi kaliati musaononge malawi chifukwa chadyera tamulangizeni Apm zomanga dziko ameneyo chiyambireno ndale dpp mamvuto okhakha umuthu alibe kodi peter khani zamaphunziro zimamukanika kwambiri nde ukatakwe wake pazaka 40 ndichani

  15. You can talk like that because you you don’t see any reason why the majority of Malawians are crying. But there’s is a different between arrogance and democrat

  16. Just turn and asking south Africa about their vote on 3 August, indeed as my brother said MichaelMkandawire that ANC now here at SA they got a yellow card mean on 2019 it will be a dust, next ll be a red card. 2019 osadzabera ai malizitsanitu kudya makobilio not 2019 chouluka chidzatera

    1. Politic is a dirty game. Gule mumodzi kumavinira macandidate 6. But come vote 1 person goes up. ANC was saying they wil rule until Jesus come. Local election in RSA indicates which party wil win. DA wil rule 4 metros, CA,JHB,TSWANE, MANDELA BAY. In which ANC wil rule KZN only. Now pple are asking that if Jesus is back? Nkhani yake makani kusangalala atsogoleri than voters. Pano akulira mayo. Dpp wil go same way.

    2. Iwe ndie mzanga weniweni@ Michael Mkandawire anthu ena ndiopusa tomorrow they start to cry but they was tiet ndimbuzi zaboma

    3. @Jawado. Are u Malawian or Burundi? U dont need someone to tell current political affairs. Or maybe u dont follow politics. Yo president is a dictactor and arrongant. Ask USA presidential candidate(DONALD TRUMPH) he said Malawian president is clueless. He act like he didn’t work at world bank. Maybe he was a tea boy. Dpp is going down u like it or not. Otherwise u wil rigg votes.

  17. Musathe mau ndinu munthu wamkulu mayi. He is your boss, what good can we expect 4rm u? Ask South African ANC. They were on top of tables but on 3 August they got a yellow card of which 2019 its obviously red card. Dont change yo mouth tomorow. You are pleasing yo boss not the nation. Dont come and beg my vote because it for sale. Nyani akakwera pamwamba pamtengo sipovuta kumugwetsa ndivote. Panali anzanu ankanena motumbwa mwamtonyolo kodi lero alikuti? 3yrs its not far by next u wil be begging votes

  18. Chokapo hule iwe phokosi ngati uli mu bar bwanji? Ku DPP uko uliko wekha? Nkhani yonse basi Kaliati Kaliati zayamba kutinyasa panopa araaaa

    1. You are right guys. Malawians are too docile and I hate being Malawian for that. Just 3 years ago, people were crying just as they are doing now. God did them a favour by changing the regime through natural causes. Just 2 years later, they voted back the same people into power. Mukufuna Mulungu yo akuchitireni chani anthu okanika inu. Aah! Osangokhala chete bwanji apa!!

  19. Kukumana ndi ophunzira chikhale chinthu chopambana Kodi nonsenu mukuononga dzikonu mesa munasiya kusukulu ? Lero mukufuna Ana a anthu Osauka asadzafike munafikapo mbuzi zawanthu ndi DPP yanuyo

  20. He is indeed a true democrat, who allows thieves to continue serving the country as ministers despite numerous evidence linking them to cashgate. Somewhere in Africa voters hav started punishing rulling parties whose leaders are arrogant, i hope the same will happen to these pple leading malawi taday. 2019 malawians must vote for change, we need leaders who can bring social services to the pple.

    1. True that bro, the other thing there is no one in the opposition who talks about change. All they know is to criticise. We need a mature opposition that can sway voters to their side.

    2. Umphawi ndiumene wavuta nde munthu ukakhala one wk k50 osaiona wina akazakupatsa 50 yo umaona ngati akuchitila ubwino kwambiri. Nde akakhala wa ndale okupatsayo basi wagula vote.

    3. Uneducation is one leading cause of poverty and unwise voting. There is too much tribalism and regionalism in the country. As long as malawians continue voting on regional lines the change we need will never come.

    4. Ukuti apm more pamene pro pic yako ikuonetsa kuti you are in pretoria ku home affairs bcoz of unemployment ku malawi. @ johans

    5. We can make it happen, they can step down by force. They did it in tunisia, morocco, bukinafatso why not us. Its a known fact that most mwians are not happy with the current leadership but why are we not taking them head on.

    6. Ma k50 akumapangitsa anthu kuvotera munthu osabweretsa chitukuko. Kusiya anthu oti akhoza kugwira ntchito mochilimika kuti zinthu zisinthe.

  21. Kaliati ndi Hule lalikulu Malawi yonse pachingerezi amati Senior Prostitute komanso Mbava yaikulu kwao ndi kumulanje Hule limeneli, I hate her.

  22. Paja Patricia Kaliati amayamikira ndi manyi omwe,,,,,,zoona kutsitsako ndi ka K50,000 basi???? tengani ma University muziphunzitsiramo anu inuyo achina Kaliatinu ndi Team yako ya MIGHTY DPP yo Ife amphawi sitkwanitsa ndithuu

  23. Zoona mayi kaliyati Lazalo Chakwela walephelanso koyamba anadutsa ku mipingo zinamkanika pano ku ana a school zamunyelanso kkkkkkkkkkkk kodi bambo ameneyi mutu wake umagwila!?

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