Malawi gets K22.7 billion for fighting hunger

The British government through Department for International Development (DFID) has committed K22.7 billion to address food shortage in the country.

Mutharika hunger
Mutharika and Lowcock during the meeting

The aid comes at a time when Malawi has been hit with food shortages following persistent dry spells due to El-Nino weather.

Following reports of hunger in the country, President Peter Mutharika declared a state of national disaster in order to appeal to the donor community on the international level and within Malawi.

Reacting on the call of help, DFID has disclosed that it will pump MK22.7 billion in efforts to avert the hunger in the country.

During a meeting with Mutharika at Kamuzu palace in Lilongwe, DFID Permanent Secretary Mark Lowcock pledged more support from Britain.

On his part, Mutharika applauded the commitment from Britain arguing that it has landed at a right time as nearly half of the population is under food shortage.

“Her Majesty’s government has contributed immensely to Malawi’s journey towards the attainment of most of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in this country. My government is in the process of localizing the SDGs, through the Malawi Growth Development Strategy (MGDS) III for 2016-2020,” said Mutharika.

Britain remains one of the biggest and trusted bilateral development partners to Malawi. The partnership is manifested in the DFID Operational Plan for 2011-2016, which focuses on areas such as education, health, HIV/AIDS, water sanitation, governance, security, climate change and credit support facilities.

An earlier version of this story showed that DFID had committed to give Malawi K50 billion. However, the correct amount is K22.7 billion hence this story has been updated.

132 thoughts on “Malawi gets K22.7 billion for fighting hunger

  1. Handouts. Focus on agriculture such as irrigation. Impower people along the lake to use irrigation as one means of farming.

  2. we are requesting DFID not to pay this donation to Malawi government because all malawians they trust this people they all cashgate dealers.

  3. Kma chonde ndalamayi muigwiritse ntchito moyenera kma mukapangaxo nayo dyera dziwani kut ena sazatithandizaxo. Example muli nd mwana wa xool kumupa xool feez wadya kumupasaxo Kachikena wadya munga perekexo ndichikhulupiliro kut ulendo uno akalipira ?? Ife tathokoza #DFID pazimene mwachita, i say thank u once again. Kuba ndichimo Mulungu amaona zonsezi tikuziwa kut ena akatamuka apa.

  4. Dollar iyiyi achita bwino kutithandiza,but i dont think Mr president &his followers(ma ministrs) ayigwiritsa molondola kopanda kuithotholako!..Chimene akanapanga nchoti ayambe from Njanje kumugawira aliense 1mk mpaka kuchitipa,mesa tilimo 18mllion pipo,yosarayo akaisunge kubank for future use!..Chifukwa zoti iwowo agula chimanga nkumatigawira chaulere ine ndikuona ngati sizigwira coz of too much corruption mudziko mwathumo!..Olemera akulemererabe pomwe otsauka akusaukirabe mpaka ena kufa ndinjala!..Gawani dollaryo aliense abajete yekha!

    1. Kkkkk kma nde kuli maths mmmmm akut anthu18 million singawakwanire ndalama yokwana k50 billion kugawana ma k1 mn. Solver solver!!

  5. muilongezenso mmatumba agalu otupa mimba inu Mulungu akukusiyani kuti mulapetu…….mukapitiliza muuona nkwiyo wake

  6. We can not mentally develop in any way if we turn our own made poverty as a beging Industry. What do we not have that make donors sympathise with us all the time? Every president of our time ends up a professor. Our politicians turn out as millionaires and above the law. We hike fees at Unima., yet we feed pur children on donated chinese tasteless rice. Numereous to mention…. A million prophets, Pastors, graduates etc. but remain deprived mentally. Before we thought was our colonialists then Kamuzu one party system and today we say opposition, on blackouts monkeys…God has rreally forbidden us.

  7. Its my prayer that the donated money has to be used for the intended purpose rather than filling in into their pockets; coz God watches.

  8. i hope the best way to distribute this money is to give every family k1 billion so that they can use themself because this government and its leaders they will put all in their Big holes pockets . Kkkkkkk its their behaviour , next year , the President will Advertise this hunger vacancy again mark my word.

  9. If u are poor everyone takes advantage. We are being used as a begging tool 4rm donors. Now the cash is in, its not for campaign, its for hunger disaster. Lets calculate population in Malawi less than 20000000pple divide by Mk50bn. Mwaona anthu aja mumakwapula mwezi watha azungu awapatsa chakudya.

  10. Nthawi imene andale anaba cashget peter kulibe ndiye musamangotokota yanu yausiilu APA ngati peter anayamba wakubelani nde ndiukape umenewo

  11. The govt should give a detailed explanation as to how they will utilise the money. No secrets here. Tenders must be transparent as well. No nepotism. The poor should see the assistance not your new 4 by 4s.

    1. Its trick when comes to tenders. The price for the maize is going to be x2 by service provide. And they wil be lot of allowances for seminars on how to distribute the food. Just calculate Malawi population. Its less than 20million divide by mk50bn. Of which they wil be transport. They wil be silly expenditure just to try to balance books. Of which this money by December it wil be gone.

    2. Its straight 4ward that everyone must have 1m mk food packeg. Then the rest is for adminstration of agriculture to invest for next year plan. Its comon sense that 20million pple X 1mil mk is 20billion then 30billion extra should be used for investment 4 future disaster not campaign.

  12. Thumbs up to the bits ,i hope the aid will be used prudently . Its my prayer that this time around malawians should not hear of misappropriation of the donor aid .

  13. All who opposing dis move,absolutely nt Malawian!!! why cnt they happy dat atlist de Government is getng somthng out of nothng??? u r de same people dat Government nt dng enough to get donors back!!! nw one of prominant donor cm for a rescue!! u r nt happy r u human? or u dnt think about ur country??? let me adverse u in dis way!!! when ever donation cms frm outside dnt think much about ruling part think about nation!!! i hate such coment we cnt progress,am nt a politician but its ma personal view,thax sindnatyole nkhwani!!!

    1. 1>>wati We Shud Congratulate Govt?? 4 Wat Work?? Let Them Be Congratulated When Malawi’s Citizen Can Have Xomthng To Eat!! 2>>ndalama Zonsezo Jst 4 3ree?? Ambuye Alowererepo Plz,,,znt Ths The Payment Of Gay Mariage? Or Wina Akwiye Kma Ndanenabe

    2. Enawa akungowonetsa umbuli wao spa. Akuwona ngati ndalamazi zikhals thumbs me a president. Bomatu liti ndi ndondomeko yoyendesera zinthu. Epani maganizi

  14. Eish Mwaat 50b Population Yakundata/kumwera Ndi *100 Ndie Mulemera Bola Inu Mudadala Nkuujen Komwe,zatitopesa Ulendo Uno Timveko Zakumpoto Kapena Pakati Akuthandizidwa Mmati Njalayo Yavuta Kundata Kokha

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  16. Just buy maize and give us not money eeeeeeeee apa ndiye khoswe wakhala pa plasma basi,tathokoza mtima otithandiza mulinawo koma alandila thandizolo satipatsa tikudziwa kale,mulungu akudzudzuleni pamene mukulingalira zotibela thandizoli

  17. Malawi popultion aproximately>18Million,people affected with hunger 6.5Million.50billion 4fighting hunger,Im sure this Money will be used 4#BWAPHWIN 2019,campaighn while poor people will suffer Malnutrition#cashgate time!

  18. ndalama izi zipangitsa kut olemera adzilemerabe osauka adzimka nasaukilabe….zoti yathandizidwa kudzera mu dzina lanjala sizidziwika ndipo ndakayika ngat anthu atathandizikke ndi ndalama imeneyo…k50 bilion ndi ndalama yot ka malawi kathuka itha kugwila ntchito koma osaukafe sitiyiona

    1. Amene ukumatukwanayo ndi amene akupangisa kuti ndalamazo zipelekedwe, basi kungozolowela kutukwatukwana basi. Pena usamakhala ndi udzimu bwa..

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