UTP suspends ‘arrogant’ Humphrey Mvula

Humpreys Mvula

The United Transformation Party (UTP) has suspended its member Humphrey Mvula for refusing to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee over his conduct.

In a letter addressed to Mvula which Malawi24 has in possession, the party has expressed its displeasure over the conduct of the suspended member of not giving valid reasons for his failure to meet the committee.

“It is with regret that the party has decided to suspend you from membership of the party in accordance with Article 54 of the constitution of the party.

Humpreys Mvula
Mvula: Suspended.

“Be informed therefore that henceforth you will no longer be welcomed at party meetings and activities for the next 3 months from the date of this letter after which the party will review the situation and inform you accordingly,” reads part of the letter.

UTP also said Mvula was not responding positively to earlier communication, a development that worried authorities that he was working against key principles and concepts for the party that include discipline, unity, honesty and servitude.

Mvula is being accused of engaging himself in divisive activities and being represented as an agent of the party without authority or consent of the party.



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