TUM urges teachers to be patient over salary increment

Malawi teachers

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) has assured teachers in the country that government is working on addressing their grievances.

TUM general secretary Dennis Kalekeni said teachers and all civil servants should calm down and wait for the union to provide them with correct information regarding the issue of salary increment.

Kalekeni claimed that negotiations between the teachers’ body and government have been finalised and at the moment they are waiting for approval from the office of the president and cabinet (OPC).

Malawi teachers
Teachers asked to be patient. (Library)

“We urge all the civil servants and teachers to patiently wait as there is much anxiety at the moment as some figures circulating out there are incorrect hence the teachers should wait for us to release the correct information,” said Kalekeni.

He added that the civil servants will be told on their new salaries so the need for the teachers and civil servants to keep calm.

Earlier this month the teachers held nationwide protests after getting tired of government’s failure to meet the teachers’ demands.

The teachers’ grievances also included failure by government to pay them their arrears and government’s reluctance to provide transport for teachers who were transferred to rural areas.



  1. kodi achina kalekeni, r they stil tchers after tching me 32 yrs ago?

  2. Angotulutsa circular yowonjezera nthawi yolongololera mkalasi basi. Ngati satulutsa potha mwezi uno guys tipangeso strike basi. Tikufuna ndalama zambiri ife mmesa awonjezera nthawi yophunzitsira. Apa zisakomere mbuzi kugunda galu

  3. Alex without ateacher uli ndani iwe unakadziwa kugwiritsa ntchito internet osamanyoza ntchito za anzanu kodi tonsefe tinakakhala ma bwana zinakayenda dont think like asurvage

  4. to wat extent are teachers to stay patient ,,,,,,,,,this must b rubbish…….here is a governmnt which chose to robb special money allocated as teachers sallaries to purchase maize,,,,,,,,,isnt that a crime?,,,,,,nd yu xpect patience from teachers rilly/…….ok lets define patience…….. then,,,,,,,,,,,hw can sb b pocketing 100 thousand a DAY WHCH OTHER WISE CAN PAY TWO TEACHERS…….Y DO YU DEGRADE TEACHERS,,,YET THEY ARE THE ONES WHO TAUGHT YU,,,,,,,,THIS IS RUBBISH TOTAL RUBBISH

  5. The sectors which would be treated with better hand are education and health coz the impacts caused by workers from these sectors are much felt than those in forestry department hence the government should somehow tread carefully.

  6. what is the meaning of this??…. why amphunzitsi nthawi zonse amakhala otsalira? aaaaaaaa abale osamatero ….kd malawi watani?…pali intergrity apa?

  7. what is the meaning of this??…. why amphunzitsi nthawi zonse amakhala otsalira? aaaaaaaa abale osamatero ….kd malawi watani?…pali intergrity apa?

  8. what is the meaning of this??…. why amphunzitsi nthawi zonse amakhala otsalira? aaaaaaaa abale osamatero ….kd malawi watani?…pali intergrity apa?

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  10. TUMU is a waste of space. These blotted bellies but hungry are benefiting more than those who are supposed to. Next time teachers will go for eternity without salaries

  11. Kkkkkk.. Teachers u need to understbnd that Government and TUM is a coin the other side. The only advice I can give to teahers is that use your time to grow some of the late coming salaries. If these produce fruits you wil not worry whether there is salary increment or not, whether the salary has come late or early, whether leavegrant….. To the infinity of problems. After all teachers we r living things we can adapt to environments b it social or economic environments. If u r sent to teach in Misuku hill you develop a bigger chest and more surface area to the lung to draw more of the deminishing oxygen as you go up. Anyway that is how God helps us to adapt. But you dont need a miracle from God to help your finances. Ok if u want go for miracle money and c what wil hapen to ur life.

    1. Kkkkkkkk……………..Sir Chizumira the Biologist,higher areas have small column of air so the same with teachers and we should adapt to such conditions.

  12. Mesa Ankati Ma Civil Servant Amalandila Chenje Nde Afuna Kuzakupasani Salary Yeni Yeni So What Is 15 Percent Increment? Is It Also Not Achenji Chabe? Dzuka Malawi!

  13. Tum idali kale-lero akumangomenyera mimba zawo. Kumazelekeketsa aphunzitsi kuti sit in week yolembetsa mayeso iwo akumwa tea, pamapeto mphunzitsi ozitengera pam’gong’o adalembetsa maphunziro 5 masiku awiri. Kumeneku sikumulakwita mwana wa kuprimary?

  14. Sound funny. Because u are teachers then yo brain is now equivalent to the schook kids. U are being used like a condom or toilet paper. Wake up and smell coffee. Everything is up by 400% food, fees etc. They u choose to go with 0%. To me this dont make sense. Maybe i mis something here. Kaya zanu izo mimba imawawa mwini nakubala. Mudzikango kongola mumahawker. Or else #SHUT DOWN MALAWI WAVUNDA.

  15. Damn your salary increment when you are struggling to pay the current salaries on time.Us teachers go through thick and thin to meet the demands of a decent meal.Its soya pieces and nsima day in and day out.

  16. anthu osamva inu,ya uphunzitsi si ntchito,bora kukhala venda ogulitsa ma battry a ma foni,limbani mitima,mudzalandira tikamayandikira nthawi ya zisankho 2019

  17. Bola ma percentage akwezelawa akhale osiyana ndi amene atiuza kale ma ‘member’ koma ngati ndiomwewa iwe kalekeni usavutike ndikutiuza popeza tadziwa kale

  18. The info is somehow in suspense and do not have more clarification and be clarity on that, dont cheat us otherwise we will not teach but cheat the learners in class come november 5

  19. Salary kulibe aphunxitsi mvetsetsani, koma mawa tipite ku msonkhano wa chipani kukubwera khansala tikalandire ma tshirt a chipani mwamvaaa…mkhaula…!!! No salary muonaaaa

  20. politics,Guys can’t u start paying the newly deployed teachers later on salary increment,thus politics & corruption

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