Pictorial : Stand up for the Champions. Bullets are Presidential Cup winners

Malawi Army

Nyasa Big Bullets prevailed on penalties as they eventually got the better of Moyale Barracks in the Presidential Cup final for the second time in four years.

Bullets won 4-3 in the penalties.

Here are some of the images Malawi24 shot at the showdown.

Bullets vs Moyale
Part of the action between the two sides. Moyale had their laughter ‘long lived.
Bullets vs Moyale
Ganyu: Moyale Barracks led the entire 90 minutes with just few supporters in the stands.
Chiukepo and Mlozi Bullets
Relieved: Chiukepo and Mlozi celebrate Bullets’ equalizer.
Moyale Barracks
Whats should we do? : Moyale Barracks players seem as pondering on how to win in the penalties.
Moyale Barracks
Dont turn against us: A Moyale Barracks player holds the ball before penalties.
Kakhobwe in goals
I see it: Bullets keeper Ernest Kakhobwe saves one of the Moyale penalties.
Moyale Barraacks
Hold the tears. Its just a game: Moyale Barracks players break into tears after the match.
Juma Chikwenga
Stop crying Juma: Moyale Barracks goalkeeper Juma Chikwenga cries his lungs out in disbelief.
Bullets celebration
Bullets fans take the celebrations into the ground.
Big Bullets
The last laugh: Hold on ladies and gentlemen, here are the Champions.



  1. Ndi mpira umenewu sindeu ayi mesa ndiwe silikali ukulira chani jombo yalowa matope akachapa madam BB ndi nyatwa umanama neba yemwe uja unapezelera uja otsati BB

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