Ethiopia blocks social media during national school exam


Ethiopian officials have blocked social media sites across the country until the national school examination is concluded on Wednesday.

Facebook and other mobile apps have been disabled since Saturday, and citizens are complaining.

The government communications office said Sunday that the blocking of sites is meant to ensure an “orderly exam process” that begins on Monday.


An online leak of national exam sheets in May forced the tests to be postponed. Some opposition media claimed responsibility for the leaks. Many have called it an embarrassment for the government.

”In May, university entrance exams were cancelled after pictures of the test circulated on social media. A group supporting protests for greater rights for Ethiopia’s Oromo people claimed responsibility for the leak. Traditional media in Ethiopia are tightly controlled by the government, leaving many reliant on social media to access and pass on information critical of the authorities.”reports the BBC.



  1. Zikakhala kwa azathu ndie kuyamikira but kutakhala kuno ndie kuti kukhala mademo as if mudauyambitsa ndinu! mxiiiiiiiiii

  2. Chilungamo chitetezo chenicheni pankhani za mayeso kuchepesa chinyengo. Kukanakhala kuno APM akanakhala Pitala wanuyi kapena bwampini wanuyi. Osusa ndi amabungwe ntchito inapezeka

  3. leonard its not like that acording to my should be to avoid pupuz or students to worst time for useless thngs so called chartng.

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