Govt fights Amnesty over albino killings


The Malawi government through the ministry of justice and constitutional affairs has hit back at Amnesty International over the rights group’s report on killings of people with albinism in the country.

Samuel Tembenu Malawi Justice Minister
Tembenu: they should show respect to government

Amid reports of gruesome murders of people with albinism in Malawi, Amnesty International last month blamed government for not doing enough to end the crimes against people with albinism.

Reacting to the report, minister of justice and constitution affairs Samuel Tembenu says government does not need the Amnesty International in ending the barbaric acts.

“It is worrisome that people staying abroad are coming to detect us, as a reminder this is the government and they should show respect to it. We don’t need Amnesty International to detect us,” said Tembenu.

He added that government is working around the clock to ensure sanity following the increase of killings of albinos in the country.

In June Amnesty released a report which disclosed that people with albinism in Malawi are at risk of being abducted or killed in murders associated with witchcraft following a record of six reported killings in 2016. The international rights group pointed at erroneous beliefs and superstitions to be factors fuelling the barbaric acts.

The body also wrote President Peter Mutharika to address the problem by resourcing the police to adequately investigate crimes related to albinism and to ensure that perpetrators of crimes against people with albinism are brought to justice. Meanwhile, Malawi government is yet to write to Amnesty International on the report of killings of persons with albinism.



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  2. Stop killing one another Jah people we have to stay away from Babylon and love one another I’m feeling pain for my warm heart Malawi why we killing ourselves

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  4. It is absurd to see such a justice organ fight against a maginize group of people.My dear these are human beings like you working in justice affairs, please donot treat them badly like that we are all equal before GOD. We have the same blood noone has got “GREEN BLOOD” Therefore treat them as other persons.Tomorrow it could be you,son daught or grand child.


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