Musician Phagocyte joins the fight against attacks on albinos


Zomba based underground rapper Vincent Tambulasi popularly known as Phagocyte has joined the condemnation of the killings and abductions of people with albinism.

Phagocyte has expressed his hate for those who are killing and abducting people with albinism in his recently released song titled ‘Never Change’.

“I kill beats while you killing albinos, what a stupid lazy person,” says the rapper in the song.

Phagocyte joins the fight.

‘Never Change’ has not only tackled matters of people with albinism. The rapper has also expressed his concern on the mentality of Malawians who love trash music than real music.

“So we are forced to rap trash, maybe we can buy a beer,” he raps.

According to Phagocyte, rappers are forced to rap trash in order to make money since the industry pays well for those who make trash music.

He however insisted that he will never change even when he gets money or achieve fame.

The musician says he will continue to show concern for Hip-hop in Malawi which is being diluted as rappers are jumping on Manganje beats.

“Even though this is so, I will ‘never change’, I will forever jump on Hip-hop beats and my plan is to represent Malawi by showing the world that you can make it as a rap artist without mixing Hip-hop with any other genre or deviating from it,” said the Phagocyte.

Never change is the second single from the artist who at first dropped ‘Legacy vs Fame’ which is also the title of his first ever album.

Phagocyte also three hot and fruitful mixtapes to his name.



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