Analysts fault FAM for Mtawali’s appointment

Ernest Mtawali

 …He wasn’t fit to take over

Renowned football analysts in Malawi have taken a swipe at the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) saying it took a major risk by naming Ernest Mtawali as Flames head coach last year.

Speaking during mid-week sports on MBC radio 2, Patrick Simango, Paul Kamanga, Steve Liwewe Banda and Ephraim Nyirenda all faulted FAM for bringing on board someone who was not fit to be incharge of the Malawi National Football Team.

“Much as we are pointing fingers at Ernest Mtawali, let’s blame our FA for bringing him on board. Let’s be realistic here, Mtawali wasn’t fit to take full charge of the team.”

Ernest Mtawali
Ernest Mtawali’s has his appointment regretted.

“From day one, signs were there that he had no idea of what he was doing as the team’s head coach and looking at the FA’s sub-technical committee report, they hired somebody who had nothing new to offer,” said Nyirenda.

Simango then echoed Nyirenda’s sentiments saying the criteria used in Mtawali’s appointment was questionable.

“I doubt if he indeed passed the coaching interviews at FAM because we have seen the report, since taking over, he has never submitted match reports to the sub-technical committee so how come he outclassed his friends during the interviews? I don’t think he made it based on merit,” he said.

Kamanga then advised the FA to get rid of the entire technical panel including Mtawali’s deputy Nsanzurwimo Ramadhan who has been tipped to take over as a care-taker coach.

“It will be a mistake to appoint Ramadhan as a care-taker coach because he was also part of the panel that has left Malawi in talters so get rid of them all,” explained Kamanga.

Nswazirimo Ramadhan
Nswazirimo Ramadhan : Earmarked to replace Mtawali.

Mtawali, who succeeded Young Chimodzi last yer, came underfire following reports that he deliberately ignored working with his deputy and organised a party in South Africa for his players just hours after Malawi’s Cosafa Senior Challenge Cup exit to Lesotho.

He has also been accused of borrowing money from players as a condition to give them a national team call up.

Mtawali and Ramadhan’s contracts are set to expire on 3rst July this year and will not be renewed by the FA.



  1. m dnt see y ur blaming ntawali mufun munduze kut a Malawi ayamba kusewera mpira lro kut zikuchta kufuna kut awaphunzitse ngat men tmaphuzzsila mwana wazaka 4 ?ali ndima skil ndakulu they can even coach themselves groundmo kulingana ndimen game ikuyendera mene akuionera kut apambano not kumangoblema ma coachwa zaziii . .akunama mahop ntawali ka iwowo usawasangalase bola ine umandsangalasa

  2. Go a head and appoint winiko as our head coach next year bcoz u don’t realy know what the problem is but u keep on sacking coaches as if they are the ones who has a problem.useless team

  3. one year contract Kwa coach its not enough,ngakhale kutabwela intenational coach vuto lagonaku Boma amangopele ndalama zochopa Ku Fam,palibe mzelu kuchotsa mtawali belive me,mwachitsamzo Zimbabwe yaleroyi idapangidwa 4years ago,chitsazo china Late Steven kesh waku Nigelia adatengetsa African cup atakhalandi Team yake for 5year,l think mtawali simukumufuna sithani tikuwonelani,Don’t warry mtawali all de best.

  4. Honesty we dont have what it takes to win matches. Malawi has no tallent but if they have why dont they go nd play to europe? What do you expect from someone playing for black leopard in rsa? Hahahaha. I feel sorry for my country but all i can say is lets find the best altalnative to the problem though it will take miles to start winning

  5. Mtawali was indeed hired out of a fluke. When hiring a national team coach you should also look at the financial viability of a person. How can you hire someone who is broke. It was expected that he would be begging from players. An national coach without a modest car? Really? For Ramadan, why did he not report right from the beginning that he was being sidelined. What if Malawi produced good results would he not attribute the success to him as well? Fire both and hire someone to temporarily take care of the flames before hiring competent coaches. To FAM, they have failed us. Did you expect Mtawali and Ramada to produce wonders as compared to Young and Jack? Water and his team too must go. Water being someone who played football at national level should have known the caliber of a national football coach Malawi needed

  6. Dont try it bro,we all know that skill comes from player and game system coms from coach,i mean there z no way to blame any player…if a coach z not most important in team,then why we ar alwayz employ coach?why dont we leave playerz to organise everything..success comes from coach..take it n trust it….

  7. Nthawi yantawali macomment anali oti achoke,achoke,basi lelo mwayamba kumulililanso kkkkkkk Mw walelo aaaaaa bola moyo

  8. onse ali ndivuto kuyambila osewela,makochi,fam komanso boma.nanga bwamji osewela omwewa ali odalilika kumaiko ena zisanzo mukuziziwa inu

    1. Kwathu kuno vuto ndi maplayer tilibe abwino monga aliri mmaiko ena maganizo anga ndi akuti ma player ali ndi kuthekela komatengedwa kukusewera national team alipo anayi okha basi koma osati kamba kakuti amasewera mpira kunja kwa dziko lino ayi koma standard ya mpira monga ngati josephy kamwendo, Limbikani mzava, Gabadinho mhango komaso Robert nga’ambi osati enawa amenewa ndi ongofunika tnm super league basii

  9. Abig fish there is aproblem ( Nyamirandu) if u don’t get rid of him am telling u and colt me the new coach wl b blamed also

  10. Don’t you see any problems with player’s why always you keep blaming coaches ere you telling mi that if students fails we should blame a teacher what if we keep changing teachers and students never pass

  11. I hope the new coach will take flames to world Cup… Malawi is very pathetic Mtawali was doing his best.. He tried to change the team here and there in order to see achange.. Let’s wait for the new coach you want.. We will see.

  12. FAM adminstrators should also see the exit for letting down Malawians

  13. Give Rhamadan chance u ll c what he hv to deserve the portuity of being as aMalawian coach. Just try to give him 6months contract then he ll show u what he has. Rhamadan man he didn’t even hv a chance to contribute his knowledge to the team coz Mtawali waz greedy so now give him a chance. One player was complaining for what Mr Mtawali waz treating Mr Rhamadan .

  14. The problem in dis country z Walter Nyamilandu n his people.Ntumbuka ameneyu atipweteka.Kodi inu atumbuka ngati utsogoleri wa FAM ukukukanikani ndiye mungalamulire dziko.Paja ife timafuna Wilkins Mijiga koma ma affilliates chifukwa cha dyera munasankha mbuzi yanuyi.

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