Teenagers arrested for erecting a roadblock 


Police in Ntchisi district have netted five teenagers for erecting a roadblock in order to steal from travellers.

According to Public Relations Officer for Ntchisi police station, Gladson M’bumpha, the suspects have been identified as Michael Chinzumanzi aged 19, Tiyamike Chakhala aged 17, Willard Mbangala aged 14, Happy Kapanda aged 14 and Kondwani Kamzuzi aged 16.

M’bumpha said the five erected the road block on 19 June along the road between Malata and Mankhaka village in the district.

ArrestedTwo motorcycle operators who usually use the road and were transporting customers on the particular day found the teenagers manning the illegal erected stone made road block.

They confronted the teenagers and managed to catch two of them while the other three ran away into the bush. Later, the three suspects were arrested by members of community policing who followed them into the bush.

The five were taken to Malomo Police Unit and they told police that their motive was to steal from road users. The suspects will appear in court soon to answer a charge of attempted robbery.

In another development, Police in Nkhotakota have arrested Sosten Jackson, 28, and James Frazer, 30, after they were found in possession of Canabis sativa locally known as Chamba.

According to Nkhotakota police spokesperson Williams Kaponda, Police in the district mounted an ad hoc roadblock at Mkaika Trading Centre and whilst there, came a Premier bus travelling from Mzuzu to Blantyre.

“Upon thoroughly checking the bus, Police officers found two expands and two small travelling behind driver’s seat all loaded with hashish,” said Kaponda.

Kaponda added that upon interrogating the conductor it was discovered that the illicit drug belonged to Jackson and Frazer who were passengers in the bus. The police arrested the two and seized the illicit drug.

The suspects will appear in court soon to answer the charge of being found in possession of Chamba.

Frazer hails from sharp Valley Village, TA Ganya in Ntcheu while Jackson comes from Nkadalira village, TA Kafuzira in Nkhotakota.



  1. pic looking like wa cash gate just passing by “erecting” nde wavutatu awu comeup wth a good word to fix the time awu b back agan

  2. When they grow up they want to be the policemen…leave them alone hahaha!

  3. azisecha amene mumawalorawo kuti aduse mwachinyengo,apandiye mumangidwa koma chamba samagwira,amasuleni akapitirize ntchito kkkk

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