Trouble in South Africa! Violence spreading over ANC leadership


Protesters burnt buses and set tires on fire to barricade roads in South Africa’s capital on Tuesday after the ANC named a mayoral candidate not nominated by the ruling party’s regional branches.

The violence spread overnight from the townships and started after a member of the ANC was shot dead on Sunday as factions clashed at a meeting in Pretoria to decide on the candidates for mayor of Tshwane municipality where Pretoria is located.

anc firesThe ANC then named senior party member and former cabinet minister, Thoko Didiza, as its candidate for Tshwane, saying that it made the decision after wrangling between members at the party’s headquarters over who should lead the municipality.

Residents want the incumbent mayor, Kgosientso Ramokgopa, to be allowed to run on the ANC ticket, TV station eNCA reported, but in an interview with the 24-hour news channel, Ramokgopa backed Didiza’s selection and called for calm. The ANC said its members were not to blame for the violence.

“This is not a result of the nomination of the mayor in Tshwane, it’s thuggery,” ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe told eNCA.-The Standard Digital News



  1. izo ndizanu amene munathawa kuno kwanu ife kuno tingonjoya bac mot mawa ndi naked bac

  2. Wyson Suwed wanama palibe chiziwa iwe, ife tinali mu Bus mwa imodzi ya otchedwayo, ndipo oxe akwana 19 ndipo truck ina ya otchedwa pafupi ndi pomwe ndi makhala

  3. South africans citizens were given rights to do whatever they want violent protests is one of the solution they think government would act quickly

  4. That’s why tıkutı jonı they can do anythıng they want untıll they get the rıght solutıon unlıke our country where people scale(arrested).

  5. That’s why tıkutı jonı they can do anythıng they want untıll they get the rıght solutıon unlıke our country where people scale(arrested).

  6. Malawians are peaceful when it comes to issues like these happening in PTA.Malawians are the most dull non active and anthu amantha in the world.Malawi will never look like Rwanda as far as economy is concerned.ife kwathi ndi nthunguluu ndikukuwa m’manja pazili zonse zomwe anthu akuchipan akunena.Malawians abroad are looked down by others countries because we lack the heart of competetion.tazolowera nthungululu.fotsek

    1. Chamba eti, u tek the freedom your grand parents are enjoying in the village today for granted? Mmene anakalambira ambuyako aja angakwanitse kuthawa? Usamayankhulire kokhalira wamva mbuzi.

  7. These protesters would have better vented their disapproval and anger to the ANC party officials than vandalising property belonging to ordinary citizens. This act of violence is uncalled for in this 21st century.I appeal to the protesters to abandon the streets for ANC offices for the party’s hierachy to address their grievances. Lloyd Joseph Alex Timba Mike Chinkonda Mary Wa Jb Kasiya Matlidah Milion William Mwakawanga Themba Chikuse Christopher James Milanzi Peter Julius John Kaliyati Erick Vincent Tomas James Chisomo Bwutayaduwe Oscar Chinyata James Chanza Steve Kanjo

  8. Thanks to Malawian Citizens for their calmness when it comes to protesting BUT the best appreciation for the Government to its citizens is to deliver to the nation honestly. God bless Malawi.

    1. malawians are not calm, we are Stupid,its a Fact.If we were clever-we would not allow Thieves,Liars run our affairs.Take the two Deputy Speakers ,for examples,They stole House rentals,but they are enjoying life and we clap hands for the Thieves.Do you see that Nosense ?

  9. #MALAWI24,here in SA,its not Strange 2burn Buses evn train,people Boycot 2demand gvt 2do what they want like houses,electricty n’other’We call it Toy-toy,So we hv lot of thing hpn in our country 2imform Us,if ur runing of STORIES plz keep the page 4nxt Updates!

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