Top gospel musicians sing against killing of people with albinism

Favoured Martha

As the search for ways and means to arrest attacks on people with albinism continues in the country, renowned gospel Musicians have put their voices together to come up with the song titled “Musawaphe ma albino”.

Recorded at One Heart studios in Lilongwe, the song has voices of Favoured Martha, Thoko Katimba, POV, Ndirande Anglican voices and Lloyd Phiri.

Speaking in an interview, one of the musicians Lloyd Phiri said as musicians they can play a critical role in demystifying myths and superstitions that have led to the rising cases of violence against people with albinism.

Favoured Martha
Favoured Martha part of the team.

“As musicians, we are also concerned with the abductions and killing of our friends, we are all God’s creation, so our only means of delivering the message is to sing, that’s why we came together to compose the song,” he said Phiri also described the act of killing and abductions of people with albinism as inhuman and that God is not happy.”

“We expect that the message in the song will at least bring conviction to the killers,” he added.

Concurring with what Phiri said, Favoured Martha also condemned the act saying its evil and it is happening because Satan is ruling hearts of the killers.

Asked why musicians decided to come together for the song, Phiri was quick to say that they believe in team work and that there is power in unity.



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