Stop blaming flames, allover Africa football standards have gone down. Even in Euro, no African team qualified – Mtawali

Ernest Mtawali

Ahead of what has been predicted to be a disastrous display at the COSAFA Cup which will be starting on Sunday, 12 June, Malawi Coach Ernest Mtawali has come to defend the performance of his boys.

Ernest Mtawali

Posting on his non-existent Facebook page, Mtawali took time to take a swipe at all the people who criticised the team after their match with Zimbabwe saying the team did not go there to win.

“We went to Zimbabwe as tourists, we wanted to visit the Victoria Falls, not to play football,” posted Mtawali.

He lectured all Malawians who expected his team to win that winning is not in the DNA of Malawians.

“Tell me, what have we ever won as a country? Even in netball, we fail to break past the 5th position. We are not a nation of winners and that is why the war on hunger, disease and envy has not been won. How then do you expect us to win in football?” he queried a comment from Minister of Sports on the same fictional page.

When it was put to him that the football standards had dwindled eversince he rose to the position of Flames Coach, Mtawali laughed out loudly.

“LOL…who said it is only Malawi that is struggling on the field? The whole of Africa is having football problems and that is why at the Euro tournament currently underway in France, there is no African teams. Not even Egypt or Ivory Coast or Ghana or Egypt qualified, why are you only picking at Malawi?”

His remarks were echoed by FAM President.

“I think it is because of the El Nino effect but seriously African teams have embarrassed the whole continent by even failing to get a single slot at the Euro Finals,” he commented using a phone he bought after harvesting from FAM coffers in his term of harvest as FAM President.



  1. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma ndr chamba chenicheni kumati matimu aku Africa sakupezeka ku European Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk coach church anatulukamo mwasanga abusa asanamalize kulalika

  2. SO this guy is comfortable with fAILURE,i remember when i was in standard 3,first term exams i failed,when i gave my mum school report, she ask me a question,why did you fail? my answer was mum,its only 11 people that passed the exams,ok come here you deserve a beating,why cant you be amongst 11 who have passed? it taught me a lesson that failure like Mtawalis is by choice fire him,he will not go anywhere with the Flames,because he is full of failing spirit in him,and he is not ready to do anything about it.

  3. Pliz achikulire don’t bushit tikamaluza ifeso zimatipweteka coz multi tsakho we have got more experience player coma kumakatenga ti ana tamamina fent

  4. The best Malawi can do is forget about Flames for 4 years rebuild the structures for soccer. We should focus only on the Queens in the 4 years of rehabilitation of the Flames

  5. The so-called Malawi24, zibwana zenizeni, masanje, phada, & i doubt if at all kuli reporter woti ali trained formally as a journalist. Zowona izi n’zomalemba apa? Chinthu choti wina anangopeka nkumawatumizira amnzake pa whatsapp, fb, etc inu mwachitenga ngati news item as if it’s true? Useless page.

  6. What a silly words by mtawali. You can’t compare ueropean football with malawi. Tatopa ndikuluza kwanu. How much money spend for preperation . Its alot of money but the results is poor. How many games do you loose? Should we say some countries they do loose like that. Wake up mr Mtawali . Its time to maintain our development of football in malawi . How many superstar do you drop off frm your squad? Do you win. Or loose? Kinnah is better than u.

  7. okwe ee! patite ulipelepa?nikuti awumwanjawu atenda kwa sasya wakulepelakwine.Kolachakuti eti nikusa mpila upitepasi. Atende mpala walume atende things yakuti wandu alekanganye nimakochi gane.Nikuti akusasya yatesileje akwiganya kugunda kwampila walepeleje munyumamu yasole.

  8. I think Mtawali should sue this page for damaging his image,this is childish.Try to post important issues not this,this belongs to gossip page.

  9. pearson khoma pliz inform the nation zoona zokhazokha #malawi 24 # is one of reliable online publication so izi muulembazi pliz mukhale
    nazo serious

  10. Malawi 24 Tamalembani Za Nzeru,bwanj Mukunyodzetsa Dziko Lanu Lomwe?Muzikhala Ma Statesmen.

  11. Malawi24 please be serious. why are you always childish in reporting issues? you think that’s creativity? kulemba mukulembaku azilemba ma gossip facebook pages not you. why can’t you borrow a leaf from MARAVI POST AND NYASATIMES? THESE TWO ARE ALWAYS SERIOUS

  12. Kinna phiri abwere azamphuzise mwanayu coaching, Kinna phiri HEAD COACH and MTAWALI VICE muona zinthu kusintha, osati zitosi tikuonazi

  13. country men,according 2 mtawali (2016),malawi should improve so that it can one time play in euro or else in copa america,on the line,i hav my two lecturers,carlington mulima and jeffita 2 shed more light on the possibility of mtawali’s utterance, the two wil also lecture us on why brazil is not playing in euro 2016 and y england not in copa america,furthermore,the two shall also comment on the absence of france in the africa cup of nations

  14. Malawi24 i thought you are here to inform not misinform the nation? Mtawali is intelligent enough to know that euro is not for african teams. You are just discrediting yourselves.

  15. Malawi’s journalism is misleading the public,promoting unnecessary disagreement,taunting people in office and unpatriotic.Shame on media outlets which are trying to destabilize our country

  16. Haa ndaimalizisa kuwelenga #24 ndinu manyi mwamva?ife tikudandaula kuti timusikuchita bho inu nkumati tinavaya kukathaima chanicho? SINDINU AMALAWI YI ITHINK NDINU OBWELA INUYO

  17. african football is going down?, who told you?, enanao (zimbabwe) akuchita bwino bwanji?.

  18. Mtawali ngati wakula jst drop to coach team dont lieng to us ; kuteloku iweyo kusachita bwino kwa mayiko ene amu africa wati upezelepo njila kkk wachibwana iwe eti; vomelezani kuti mwatigwirisa nsete end of story not we we we 4 wt; iwish national team to be under 20 nomore malawi national team ; n u madzi nyamilandu pls ungosiya udindo mwaulemu we need new adminstration on farm nt like wt ua doing au wamuyaya ? Eeh? Mtawali sizikuyenda kumbali yako accept mtima yakukulira need onkhwima nzelu bc inu mukhala send vic wa team doctor

  19. Ernest,I think I got your point,you’re trying to prove that you could be the next Izeki by providing us with your silly Euro joke but let me tell you,your joke isn’t funny.

  20. Iwe Mtawali,usamalankhule ngati enafe ndi ana wamva? Kodi zoti iwe ulibe mbiri mu mpira sumadziwa? Do u think African team can play in Euro tournaments? Why Malawi is on possition 120 on FIFA RANKING? Why other african teams are on good position and why not Malawi? Anthu zimene akudandaulazi ndi zoona coz Flames panopa munthawi yanuyi siinayambe yachita bwino and munthu sumafanizira mavuto amnyumba mwako ndi mavuto anyumba ina ponena kuti bwanji banja la aPhiri dzana,dzulo ndi lero lagona ndi njala? Ndikukudikiratu ukadzangotera kuno kwathu uzidzapita kwanu komwe kuli kutha kwa ntchito,wamva iwe?

  21. It seems those of you who believe in this story are not serious readers!!! Anyway, i should blame the publication for publishing a joke of a story and presenting it the way they have. For those of of you who have not understood it, the story is a satire about Malawi football especially the underperformance of the national team. Mtawali or Nyamilandu have nothing to do with what is in this story!!!

  22. Idont thnk de problem z de coach coz dis z nt de 1st coach,diff coaches came in bt w were still loosing,even f u cn chnge de coach nothin’ wi’l b yielded,Kinna left coz of de sem issue, w knw de truth bt w r hiding t

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  24. Galu yu akunena zoona dats why holland has failed to come 4 cosafa castle cup mpira unavuta man

  25. When did Flames became a better team since time in memorial? If at all the standard of soccer in Africa has gone down, then prove to the people that u r better than our neighbours. It’s pathetic to learn that the Flame humiliates us by losing to a team like Swaziland with a population equivalent to the population of Likoma & Chidzumulu Islands. Ernest u r incompetent. I would opt for Kinna Phiri than u. DEMET

  26. Very lame and dull excuse. It is like a dull student saying s/he failed because everybody failed. No wonder you and your FAM president are not resigning when the majority of right thinking Malawians expect you to do just that.

  27. Amtawali,timu yamu africa ikapezekenso mu Euro,zamanyazi bwanji!

  28. Malawi 24 crew u r all stupid for bringing stupid issues on your page…who do u take malawians for?if u have personal grudges with Mtawali & Walter better go to tell them rather using some Malawians who believe this trash to be true…..

  29. teach me wel pliz, i thought UEFA EURO is meant for european teams and copa america 4 american teams? how can africa become europe? am ignorant of this,convince me mr mtawali and ur suporters

  30. Flames sizatheka thts nosense dnt tell us stupid things…ts not about o over…its about flames..we need to hear gud news sitingamakhalire kumwa mandimu nafe mkaka timaufuna kut tizimwako

  31. Please sindikulalata koma zikundiwawa kumaona abale ndi alongo mmene akuvutikira ndi njala pamene ndalama zoti zikanatha kuchepetsa mavuto ameneo ena akungoseweretsa ndiye azitirankhuranso mwa ntudzu choncho misonkho yathu?Basop tsikulina tizakupangani Idi Amin.

  32. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk kaya amene adakali kutaya nthawi nkumaonera manyi akuseweledwa aja ife tinasiya kale timangomva kuti ati flames idakali kusewera tikamva zoti ma team ena akutengerapo ma points pa iwowo kkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma Malawi siizatheka mudzatengapo liti AFCON ma neighbor athu anatenga ife tidakali kulemba ntchito manyi amunthu komanso Vi ma player vathu ndiye manyi a bulu sivinganame kuti sponsorship kulibe boma linapeleka ndalama zambiri komanso Mtawaliyo akuwauza chani makape akewo kuti azingotcholedwa choncho kkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma flames inali ya Kinnah phiri osati Manyi a Mtawaliwo aaaaaaaaaaaah zopusa munthu nkukakhala pansi nkumaonera Flames zachamba Kulibwino ndizionera Karonga utd or Kabwafu utd live ikakhala pa TV nde ndizingoonera Barclay’s premier league or Ma Club aku South Africa osati nyasi zakwathu kuno abale ndi manyi eni eni shiiiiiitttt!!!!!!! Mtawali out out out!!!!!!!

  33. Is it world cup or European cup why saying all African countries failed to qualify,hv u ever seen Asian country playing in European cup or American country playing in Asian cup?May b i did not understand properly?Please help this stupid idiot called Malawi national team coach so that he can understand better the differences of these continental competitions.

  34. Vuto ma player akumalawi ufiti asadapite ku game amayamba akatamba kaye and thats y amangoluza coz amakhala atamenya kale ku ufiti ndipo awina kale thats y samalimbikila mu football pitch

  35. What the hell! Oh my gosh I thought that apology u did after beaten by zim was reasonable, I never thought ur such a shit, u know what! U better resign and give some who can change our team, there is no reason u can compare the flames with other African team. We want our team team to participate in all championship and be a better team so plz stop talking shit if u know what’s best for u bcoz I’ll kick ur ass. Do not ever talk that nonsense again, we love our team so if u don’t know what to do to make it a better team just quit.

  36. INe ndimaziwa MTAWALI sakonda dziko kaya anamusakha ndiyani ? ameneyi ndi munthu woyipa ndikukumbuka m’zaka za 1990s anakana dziko likuva akuti iyeyu si MALAWI ndi south africa anakana kusewela geme yofunikila MR PHiRi or .KING S. ngomwe angatha ndize osati uyu

  37. Tingamasekerele pomwe timu ikuwotcha ma million aboma yomwe ndi misonkho yathu ?ngati tchito yokonza team yakuvutani khalani chete .

  38. Mabodza basi, bwanji osamawina ngati konse masewera apita pansi? Osangosoka pakamwapo bwanji. Tumakonda mpiratu, timasangalala mukamapambana.

  39. Both the coach and players must respect discipline, dedication, commitment, passion and the country despite the money. There is no need to justify yourself otherwise you are insulting the sport loving nation.

  40. Abwana,
    Euro football tornament is for European countries so too AFCON for African countries and there’s COPA America for American countries. Musatinamize ngati zavuta zavuta basi.

  41. Ena ali serious kukalipa, onani kaye zolembedwazo ngati zili zoona. A Malawi 24 zithunzi mukutilaula nazo. Ife tinayamba kukukondani koma zomwe mwayamba ayi ndithu.

  42. My goodness is this comment coming from Mtawali himself or someone put some words into his mouth? How ca an African country participate at the EURO? Is the coach conversant of continental tornaments? So should we say that if no single European team will be present at the AFCON then they have all failed to qualify?
    Yowoyani vinyakhe aMtawali ndi anzanu a Nyamirandu.

  43. What sort of football administrators are we having in Malawi.They seem to have no direction with our football in Malawi.

  44. Akulu Akulu Musintha Coach Mpaka Liti Tiyen Tivomereze Kut Zativuta Nanga Ndi Ma Coach Angat Omwe Tasintha Osaendabe?Mutha Kublamer Coach Pomwe Vuto Ndi Anyamata Athu Osewelawa Mumawapatsa Zonyenyeka Mukuona Kut Angamawine? Tikapeza Star Umva Amugula Kunja TSono Flames Ikhala Ndi Ma Star Odalika ?Kanyenda Ali Kut ? Mutamuuza Kut Abwele Adayankha Bwanji? Kod Simatama Ameneaja? Amalawi Tikadzasiya Zophika Maplayer Kut Azikapindulila Ena Tidzayamba Kuwina Apo Ai Kuluza Kulipo Tisade Ma Coach

  45. This is( Malawi 24) one of newz online one can not trust it, i hav bn 4lowing ur news bt it z full of propagandas,please learn 2 tel de nation de truth n facts.

  46. Malawi24, we are sick and tired with your vulgarity stories which iz very perturb Ernest Mtawali as a Real Malawian Son coz now and then your news always exaggerating.

  47. His remarks were echoed by FAM President. “I think it is because of the El Nino effect but seriously African teams have embarrassed the whole continent by even failing to get a single slot at the Euro Finals,” he commented using a phone he bought after harvesting from FAM coffers in his term of harvest as FAM President.kkkkkkkkkkk koma 24

  48. Ntawali you have no vision,instead of dreaming that malawi nation team one day will be at world’s number one Team,you are thinking that nonsense,now i know that u have nothing to offer.I dont knw why they keeping you as a head coach.

  49. Malawi football will not go far.Lets remove this blood that eaggers players to play abbroad.Almost half of the players who played in the name of France were Africans

  50. So Mtawali wants to tell us that Malawi National team it is not doing well coz there’s no African team which qualified in EURO? What Mtawali is talking is nonses he must stepdown.

  51. This Malawi24 thing is garbage and stupid. How do you expect to be trusted as a reliable news outlet on important issues when you are busy with a foolish story like this one? I have huge doubts for the people behind this bogus online tabloid if at all they stepped their foot in a journalism class.

  52. Anyamilandu mudathamangitsa Mfumu yomwe sidalankhulepo poyela mkuliuza dziko kuti flames idapita ku zim ngati okona victoria falls ,mzimu wa Kinna tate nganga idatiyiila mbiri ya bwino ,ndiye mutiuza ndinu poti mudasankha nokha coach yemwe alibe khalidwe ku mbili ya Malwi bring back Kinnah phiri adzapitilize pomwe adasiyiila plz ngati mukumva mawuwa bwana ndakondwa uyu akungofuna ndalama basi asati utumikila dziko lathu lino ngati coach

  53. Mutafuna ndalama zothesera team ya flames ku #FIFA,Amalawi tithakusokhasokha mwasangala than kuti muziyakhula mphutsi pa facebook,twitter,whatsp,newspappers,tvs & radios. Misala eti!

  54. Why cnt we blame it? iz it bcoz other African teamz r nt doing well? then where iz our patriotism az Malawians? Even if the football world champion standard of playing decline I dnt see a reason of hailing FLAMES bcoz of its poor perfomance!

  55. Rumours are carried by haters,spread by fools and accepted by idiots. Malawi 24 u have nothing to tell the nation. U suck big tym!!!

  56. Kodi uyo akunena za atumbuka ationongela mbiri,kod prezedent wanuyo ndi tumbuka? ndipo sinaonepo ntumbuka kuitanila maminbus azathu inu mnaphuzila moopya.

  57. Mr ntawali ,that is very shit!!! How can u speak like that? What we want is postive results, otherwize you wana find your boots out of your office ok!!!!

  58. no wonder even MISA Malawi left you out on the list because you are busy misinforming the general public……nowonder ZODIAK is still dominating as far as online reporting is concerned.


  60. Iwe osamadzbakila zopusa ife sitingasekelere chabwino ngt standard ya mpira ku Africa inatsika nde malawiyo inatsika nawo poti malawi ndichoncho kuyambila kale

  61. Malawi sizamvaaaa kkkkkkk blv me angopita to donate points there those who will play against flames the points are for glabs, flames bunch of loosers we rather use the money to those who r indeed

  62. Childish. Tourist? Mutu uli bwino koma? Akachoka kumeneko abwele pa Air afotokoze abwino . Ernest kulankhula kumeneko?

  63. Kkkkk. Malawi 24 osamanamatu. i thnk if he did then he’s suiting Muluziism defence mechanism. what a shame. to me i feel like the coach is too quick to judge players performances.

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