Tanzanian boat sinking victims: First body found

Ashula Shaban
Ashula Shaban
Ashula Shaban found dead.

Authorities in Karonga district have found the dead body of one of the passengers who died after a Tanzanian boat sank on Lake Malawi.

The body was found floating on the lake on Thursday, six days after the boat which was carrying 12 passengers sank on the lake.

According to George Mulewa who is Deputy Public Relations officer for Karonga Police, Tanzanian authorities came to Malawi and identified the deceased as Ashula Shaban, 26, from Mbamba Bay town in Tanzania.

The Tanzanian cargo boat was heading to NkhataBay Jetty from Mbamba Bay and sank on 21 May, 2016 with no one surviving.

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  1. Sorry for the sad news; however, let me also salute Malawi24 for a great improvement in handling graphic images. This is commendable. Keep up the listening ear.

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