CCAP to help stop albino killings

Reverend Alex Benson Maulana

Blantyre Synod of the CCAP has promised that it will support the Malawi government in ending killings of albinos.

General Secretary for the synod Reverend Alex Benson Maulana said this during the celebrations for the 125 years of existence of St Michaels and All Angels church in Blantyre.

Reverend Alex Benson Maulana
Reverend Alex Benson Maulana says the CCAP is let down with the albino attacks.

Maulana said as a church they are in line with what government is doing in condemning the killings of people with albinism.

“We are moved by the government’s efforts in condemning the killings of people with albinism and we will support it in this fight,” said Maulana.

He further said that the church is inspired by the love of Christ and it is aware that everyone was created in the image of God.

He added that life is special and every human being matters hence taking away life is a sin punishable by God.

According to Maulana, as a church they will take a leading role in sensitizing people that it is evil to kill albinos.

7 thoughts on “CCAP to help stop albino killings

  1. Kumaliuza dziko chilungamo komanso zomwe tingakwanitse monga anthu amulungu. Ngati timalephera kuzimangira church ikagwa ndi kubomako kukafunika ndalama tizipanga bwanji ?

  2. the church can not help stop albino killings but government can help through sharia laws ogwidwa aziphedwa pompopompo.

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