NGOs told to be accountable


Presidential advisor on Non-Governmental Organisations Mavuto Bamusi has advised non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to be serious on issues of financial accountability.

Bamusi: Says NGOs need to be accountable.

This follows reports from ActionAid that many Malawian NGOs will not be able to get funds from Global Fund due to lack of accountability.

Bamusi said there is need for NGOs in the country to be credible and accountable in every project they embark on.

“There is need for NGOs in the country to be more accountable so that they win back the confidence of international donors,” said Bamusi.

He added that the reports from ActionAid that NGOs have failed to access funds is a wakeup call that the organisations need to strengthen their institutional frameworks.

Bamusi also warned that unprofessional people are causing problems in some of the organisations hence the need for the NGOs to recruit the right people.

9 thoughts on “NGOs told to be accountable

  1. Paja Bamusi anafumbata chi Bin laden.Za ma Tractors ukuti bwanji,300m ku Ethiopia ukuti bwanji,15bn ku agriculture, 3bn ku MERA,577bn,ku Health nanga.Accountability ukunena iwe nde yiti ? Bamusi nde angodya ndalama zaulere,ntchito yake nde palibe akugwira yothandiza Voters.

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