MBS lifts suspensions of six companies

Lingadzi inn

The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has lifted suspensions of six businesses which have now met the bureau’s hygienic conditions.

Lingadzi inn
Lingadzi now opened.

The bureau says the general public can now patronise Krazy Foods situated at Ginnery corner, Lilongwe people’s supermarket bakery, Lingadzi Inn, Capital city Motel, Alibaba, and Chombe Food limited.

“The general public is free to patronize these units as their hygienic conditions have tremendously improved as prescribed in Malawi standard number 21, food and food processing units-code of hygienic conditions,” MBS said in a statement.

The bureau has been suspending operations of organisations which fail to meet its hygienic conditions as part of its duty to ensure Malawians consume hygienic food.

A vox pop by Malawi24 in the city of Blantyre found that people are commending the bureau for the operations.

“We deserve to consume the best, this is a good development and I applaud it,” said Thoko Mkwapatira, one of the residents.



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