Analysts call for abolition of Malata, Cement subsidy


Analysts in Malawi have advised government to abolish the Malata and Cement subsidy program as it is affecting the growth of the country’s fragile economy.

This is coming at a time when many quarters of the society have been suggesting that the program must end and be replaced by other programs.

Malata subsidy receives criticism. Google image)

One of the economic analysts in the country Henry Kachaje said the Malata and Cement subsidy program is not a bad project but timing is the problem.

Kachaje said the program is helping a few people whilst affecting many Malawians due to the bad the state of the economy.

“The program is not bad but timing is the problem as our economy is in a fragile state. If government continues borrowing money and interest rates and inflation keep on rising then the program is affecting all Malawians whilst helping a few people,” said Kachaje.

He added that even though government says not much money has been invested in the program, there is need for the Peter Mutharika administration to replace the program with crops that have the potential of being exported and those who export more should be receiving iron sheets.

But government has in the past given a cold shoulder to such suggestions saying it is doing it for the poor Malawians.

In the previous sitting of Parliament one of the Members of Parliament suggested that the Malata and Cement subsidy program should be abolished but government said the proposal is a selfish one as the MPs stay in luxurious homes whilst poor Malawians are sleeping in houses that leak.

9 thoughts on “Analysts call for abolition of Malata, Cement subsidy

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  2. This program is a total failure to a poor nation like Malawi eg the costs of 1house materials can alleviate hunger for the whole village. Wake UP govt! This is nosense

  3. Whoever says that must win election and take action to abolish it. The malata program is somebody’s. It is ruling party priority. If it is wrong priority, the voters are best judges.

  4. Analyst of wat? Plz admn send my mesg to dis fuken analyst dat he must stop his agenda.we,re proud of dis programme cuz it help those who cant aford.

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