Wakisa James releases new single ‘Na Iwe’

Wakisa James

Musician Wakisa James has released a new single titled Na iwe which is a song that appreciates a loved one.

The Reggae Dancehall artist says Na-iwe, which features his producer DJ Ken Lo, is his first single this year.

Wakisa James
Wakisa James on a news project.

“Na-iwe is a song that I have done with my producer DJ Ken Lo and it’s a song that appreciates a loved one,” said James.

The musician started singing in 2008 and was inspired by the music of Evison Matafale, Wambali Mkandawire and Saleta Phiri. Naturally, he wanted to be like them.

Today, James who is a fourth year student at Mzuzu University studying Nursing and Midwifery has nine singles to his name.

He disclosed that the biggest challenge he faces is to get exposure through the media.

But he said is trying to sell his name since he is an up and coming artist and he dreams of being one of the country’s best artists in the next 5 years.

The musician advises other up and coming artists in the country to “keep giving good music and work hard.

Some of the singles he has released before are Dalitsani Amzanga, Sibweni n Kankazi, Moving on and Watch over me.

Download the song here.



  1. gud music! u r the best MR WAKISA JAMES ur music brings comfidence in my heart! keep it up!

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