Malawi govt challenges SMEs to sell goods nationwide

McDonald Mkandawire

Malawi government through the Ministry of Industry and Trade has challenged local Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in the country to make sure they sell their goods at the national level.

Speaking at a trade symposium in Blantyre, chief director for tourism in the ministry of Industry and Trade said Else Tembo said some products need local fame before penetrating on the international market.

McDonald Mkandawire
There is need for improvement: Mkandawire

Tembo further said that Small and Medium Enterprise needs to have a zeal of promoting their products locally before seeking for opportunities on the international markets.

“Some Products are not known to Malawians themselves, and it is challenge that government should promote these goods outside the country, the best thing is to have these products been known to locals” said Tembo.

Small and Medium Enterprise Development specialist McDonald Mkandawire said some local products manufacturers do not meet the international standards.

“There is a lot that should be done, for example packing standards are not of that quality and most goods are not certified locally and it is hard for them to beat other products on the shelf.” said Mkandawire.

Meanwhile government disclosed that it is in the final stage of scrutinizing a policy that is to help in promoting SMEs in Malawi.

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