Blue Eagles cling to top spot

Blue Eagles
Blue Eagles top the standings now. (File)

They will head into today’s match knowing that an impressive start to the season they are in now is talk of the town and that these points could be of very much importance as the season goes, thats shortened story of Blue Eagles F.C now.

A 1 nil win over Azam Tigers at Kalulu Stadium on Saturday meant the Gabriel Chirwa boys are at the top with 9 points, 4 points ahead of second placed Mighty Be Forward Wanderers.

They need to win today against Maxi Bullets at Kamuzu stadium if the want to stick to the strong message they have sent to fellow teams.

In the opening match of the season they beat The Lilongwe based side, beat Dwangwa United 2-1 in the league opener a week ago before a 2-1 win over Epac FC. a week ago and a win over Azam means the side has 9 points now.

They have kept just one clean sheet which could actually not ameliorate the fact that the Lilongwe based side had its keeper John Soko named goalkeeper of the season in the last campaign.

Recently in response to questions that his side always start the season on a higher note like this and that they lack the same spirit as the season goes on, mentor Chirwa said that his charges aim at sustaining the performance.

“We can say that we want to finish top [ at the end of the first round], but as Blue Eagles we are aware that all teams are prepared this season and what we have to do is to work hard and focus until the end,” said Chirwa.

The games continue today across Malawi and the big one is in Lilongwe between Civo United and rivals Silver Strikers.


Dwangwa United vs Mafco F.C
Mzuni vs Moyale
Civo vs Silver Strikers
Max vs Blue Eagles F.C

Heres the log table as provided by Owinna- a Super league of Malawi (Sulom) run website

TNM Super league log table (Week 3)
TNM Super league log table (Week 3)


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  2. Vuto pa Malawi kukamira league should be done by independent bodies and they should release the fixture for the season . Fixture amapanga kwawo ndi akazi awo.

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