Govt slams PAC for being hostile

Peter Mutharika

The Malawi government has blasted the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) for being hostile and confrontational in dealing with President Peter Mutharika.

The remarks follows an audience PAC had with Mutharika and PAC’s statement after the meeting.

Speaking to the local press, PAC spokesperson Peter Mulomole said the delegates were disappointed with Mutharika’s attitude of brushing aside the points raised during the stakeholders meeting in Blantyre.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika treated ‘harshly’.

Reacting to PAC’s dismay, government has questioned the faith organisation’s motives in making provoking public statements as well as issuing insults, falsehoods, fallacies and half-truths in a hostile and confrontational attitude.

In a statement signed by government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati, the Mutharika administration has defended the Malawi leader arguing that he was not supposed to bow to all points raised by PAC during the meeting.

“PAC must accept that there are some proposals which simply do not make sense and it is their responsibility to explain them. Malawi has an educated President of a professorial magnitude and he will always interrogate whatever is submitted to him because he expects highly of us all,” said government in a statement.

Government has also called on PAC to respect the president arguing that the Malawi leader is educated enough to interrogate recommendations that are submitted to him.

“PAC should not rush into defensive mechanisms of attacking vocabulary like “executive arrogance” in order to bury their own inefficiencies and failure to technically handle the President’s enquiries,” reads part of the statement.

Meanwhile, government has appealed to PAC to desist from spreading insults in the media because such actions are not in the interest of public affairs and has expressed commitment to continue engaging in dialogue with the organisation.



  1. zambiri zomwe a pac amanena kuti boma lichite ,zambiri a boma akukwaniritsa.kodi a pac where were u during jb’s era?aaa tikudabwanitu! musaiwale paja abingu anamwalira mkati mwa 60 days munapereka ija.musiyeni president kuti agwire ntchito yake bwino.remember that its 3years togo.musamaone chitsotso chamudiso la nzanu mukusiya chipika chamudiso lanu

  2. Ok ,PAC idalipo nthawi ya Dr H Kamuzu Banda? Sadaname Muluzi kuti vuto la mnyasa ndi kuyiwala. Tikunyoza PAC chifukwa ndife oyiwala nsanga

  3. m’mene ndimaidziwira PAC, nonse otsutsana nayo ndiye kut ndinu asilamu kapena achipembedzo chamakolo eti?

  4. Respecting president? Politicians must be taken to task for their actions cause we put them there and we pay them. Politicians arent supposed to be treated like kings or queens because they are celebrated liers. Why shld we behave like Mzuzu Mayor who asked for forgiveness from the president as if he is God kkkk

  5. Ndizoona Kuti Zithu Zina Sizikuyenda bwino komano PAC tisamale nayo. Tisapusitsike Kuti ndi bungwe la chipembezo. A Malawi tidziwe kuti nkhondo zambiri pa dzikopa zimayambika chifukwa cha mabungwe ngati PAC omwe amabisala mudzina la chipembezo. Ine ndikanakonda PAC ikanangobwere poyera kudziwitsa mtundu wa a Malawi munthu amene ali woyenera kukhala mtsogoleri wa dziko lino

  6. Let PAC play its full is an offence to interfere with it

  7. I Will be happy once l see PAC come forward to registered like political party.we are tired to disrespect president.pls pls let’s him do him work.

    1. PAC members are intellectuals & am wondering with your comment, to tell you my opinion on your comment, I think you are the one who is intellectually dwarf.

    2. PAC members are intellectuals & am wondering with your comment, to tell you my opinion on your comment, I think you are the one who is intellectually dwarf.

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  9. law of cause and effect at work…Malawians..are yet to decide…siopusa…akuona…tsiku lina lake azakwela pachulu…this govt should not take Malawians for granted… sife ..ana..LA 40 likwana..sikalexo…its nearing..

  10. Pac pac pac!!! What is PAC? PAC is a group of greedy people who always destroys the ruling party no matter that government is doing ok, so be careful with pac.they were there in the time for Dr Banda, Muluzi, Bingu, Joyce and now here they are with Peter.u can’t get anything from PAC, they only work with opposition parties.

  11. The discussions were good but I still expected this to happen.PAC is not being disrespectiful to the president but only responding to what govt.has been doing.Soon after the discussion government has been using other forums talking lots of things about PAC.So sindikudabwa kuti PAC nayo yayamba kuyankhapo

    1. iwe ndiwaboza opanda nzeru tanena zisanzo zomwe boma lakhala likunene a pac? we are tired of these mediocrity. Mukukhala ngati timadya ndare bwanji. Malawi tiziti uzimware or what? kukokana kokana for nothing osangodikira 2019 mwina anthu azakuvotereni bwanji. Chirikwanzako umati chigwire njanga kwako ndiye tayani … pabwino osamataila galu.

  12. PAC we know that is your work but u must respect our president & we are not happy as Malawian citizens to see president is not respected pls

    1. We don’t like how PAC doing,if they want they must come pablic & registered like the political party because make like they know everything we don’t like that as the citizens.

    2. I support Sam & Chiso PAC should leave the president do his job.there is nothing PAC has ever done to we citizens apart from causing conflicts

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