Karonga residents angry with Government


Communities in Karonga district have challenged government to break the silence and give an explanation on the state of affairs surrounding the proposed Kanyika Mine in Mzimba.

Programs officer at the Church and Society of the Livingstonia Synod Paul Mvula observed that government’s silence on the issue is the reason that has compelled the community to employ a lawyer.

“People are living in a fifty-fifty state – they are not sure whether mining activity will commence or not,” said Mvula.

mineCurrently community members have decided to employ a lawyer to take government to task on the matter.

However, Mvula said all what communities want is for the government to compensate them for the lost years as people in the area have lost property and homes.

He said members of the communities surrounding the Kanyika mine site stopped participating in community development projects because authorities told them to.

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  1. Think before you write then write after you thought then read after you write.

  2. How did people in Karonga lose their homes in Mzimba and why should people in Karonga take Govt to task on a mine in Mzimba? Honestly, you are not telling the truth. Edit your story to reflect the reality on the ground.

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