Mutharika issues stern warning to Ministers

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika with Ndau (L) and his wife (R)

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has openly said he will not spare any of his Ministers who are involved in corrupt acts under his reign.

The Malawi leader issued this warning during the swearing-in ceremony for Minister of Transport and Public Works Malison Ndau and Deputy Minister of Defence Agrey Masi at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Tuesday.

Mutharika said he would love the two to deliver and live to their expectations in exercise of their duties.

”I will expect these ministers to provide me with honest and objective advice, to tell me the facts as they know them, not what they think I want to hear. Together we will surmount the challenges and transform our nation from poverty to prosperity.”

Recently, Mutharika made changes on his Ministerial bearers.

In the changes, Chaponda got  dragged to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development replacing Allan Chiyembekeza who has been completely booted out of the Mutharika cabinet.

It was highly speculated that Chiyembekeza was fired due to under-performance something which the Malawi leader laughed off.




  1. Koma ndithu zoona inu a Injesi Aliki mukaonetse uchitsiru wanu mu post yanzanu? Pali chozitukwanira nokha apa?Mpakana kutchula chiwalo chikhalirenicho chanu mwachikulunga. Kulankhula kopusatu uku. Ndibwino ngati mwasowa cholankhula kungokhala kusiyana ndikuipitsa nkhani yomwe anzanu ali nayo serious.Muli ndi ana kumene?Kuti ndi ntchito yomwe mudzawasiyile? Eshiiiii ayi aMalawi khalidwe ili ndilonyasa.Taonani mmene watukwanira nkulu ameneyi

  2. Osaiwala kuti mbuzi imadya pomwe yamangilidwa ndiye osamatiphimba mmaso inu a president nkumachita inuso ziphuphu zili thooooo mmanjamo

  3. Osaiwala kuti mbuzi imadya pomwe yamangilidwa ndiye osamatiphimba mmaso inu a president nkumachita inuso ziphuphu zili thooooo mmanjamo

  4. When will the arrest begin? I assure you that Malawi at large is a corrupt country starting from the president going to the prophets and to the ambassadors on to the ministers and to the NGOS on to bosses of different institutions, on to workers, on to churches on to parents, children on and on and on….It’s few people that are just in their everything in Malawi so those finger pointing are useless. Those ministers may be arrested but you know for sure that problems will not be fixed in Malawi at large.

    That country needs God,Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit for all the demons in everyone to come out. As long as there is no true God in that country, demons will still drive that country, many immoral behaviors corruption included will never end unless the Holy Spirit dwells in all of us. Politics and God go together. Malawi can be a developed nation if there is love towards each other. But the hate starts within the families and go on to international. How do you expect hate minds to develop something.

    WITCHCRAFT!!!! Killing the educated, ambitious, developers, etc all because of envy! !! SITINGATUKUKE THE COMPETITION OF TRIBES AND POWER IN WITCHCRAFT KUMANGOPHANA… So the problem is not with our government it’s all of us. The ministers and all the people in good positions how may relatives and enemies have they killed to be on that position?? How many asinganga have they visited to be where they are. So you see poverty is just a manifestation of witchcraft, satanism and devil worshipping in Malawi.

    The same rich people get richer and richer with their children and relatives while the poor get poor and poorer because they have no connections to those well to do.

    Let’s tackle the truths and away with same old stories. The devil is the one who is corrupt, a lier, a killer, a thief, etc. If all these people in high positions were of God Malawi could be a better place because they could always fight for the truth regardless tribe, religion or anything. But the devils occupy good positions, how do you expect Malawi to be like. Unless you join them then you will be among the rich.

    But we refuse and it’s high time we all believers pray and lets put our country in the hands of God to prosper IN JESUS CHRIST’S NAME. May God save Malawi. Let’s tackle the truths Malawians and away with fear and giving useless people who are greedy and don’t even think of us at large power. God answer prayers, if you are reading this as a believer let’s pray for Malawi to be saved. Let’s not aim at developments that are useless to us as Malawian just because Europe, America etc focus on their take of development. Let’s focus on our form of developments that improve our humanity that no one is poor and eats once a day. Let’s look after each other from the top president to the bottom citizen. We can do this only if we truly fear God. But if you want money to yourselves then we are doomed forever!!!!

  5. it wl be good if he make it real, i wll be very happy to see a Minister be arrestd coz of corruption but not after the DPP regime of ths party.

  6. it wl be good if he make it real, i wll be very happy to see a Minister be arrestd coz of corruption but not after the DPP regime of ths party.

  7. It can’t happen in dpp govt arrest K577 Billion suspect only Joyce Banda arrested her handclappers not you nyapapi you can’t even your wife she steal money for aids people to support her BEAM organisation why u never arrested her

  8. Ndi chiyembekezo cha mtsogoleri wina aliyense kukhala opambana ku udindo womwe anthu anamupatsa and in this case Munthalika as a leader is really innocent and wishes to prove to be a becon of change for the better to Malawi nation!! Long live Mr President dont allow one to spoil your identity/cv! Viva DPP

  9. That’s a Good warning sir, some people are corrupt in their DNA, its good to punish those involved. A Leader must sack those involved for a better Malawi!!!

  10. Better mwina ziyenda kutiko? Inuyo mmawona ngati nzoona zimene akunenazo? Kodi mkango ukachoka ku tchire, nabwera poyerayera, umasintha mtundu or mawanga? Dikirani. Mudzadziwona kutsogoloku.

  11. MR President,corruption is so sweet and it will never end. pamene pali chitetezo kwambili ndipamene pamakoma zomwe mwanenazo

  12. APM why then do you look at the straw in your your friends eye but do not notice the rafter in your own eye? Kkkkkk Malawi ziko langa zinthuzi mumaziyamba nokha ma top readers, So how do you expect the junior’s to do? Corruption basi no options.