Lil Vince resurfaces with a new single ‘Timve’

Lil Vince

There are rare concepts in Malawi’s music industry which call for faithfulness from ladies. The most common ones are those that shower them with romantic words and sugar-coated terms we know.

We would argue anyway, but then hip hop starlet Lil Vince opts to go the rare side in his latest single Timve in which he features Mafuno.

In the song, the 23 year-old who jokes to be the persona does not only ask his lover to be faithful, he wants her to desist from falling into the folly of listening to others who want to date her but then knowing that she is taken would fall into the pit of telling her lies about her man.

Lil Vince real name Vincent Kamwana tells his lover to ‘let the world know’ about them.

We could be jealous though, but it’s just a song. He told Malawi24 Upclose that the concept was a result of him speaking as an artist.

‘’It’s a just a concept. As an artist you need to think outside the box so the idea just came into mind and I had to write something about it so.’’ said Lil Vince who is currently doing Journalism studies at WITS College in Lilongwe.

The song which was released on Monday had 369 downloads at the time this report was being compiled, a little over 25 hours after its release.

Lil Vince
Lil Vince does Timve with Mafuno in latest project.

The Lilongwe based artist who hit the airwaves with the hit Shosholo released last year which still continues to be the talk of the town and enjoy airplay says the feedback his project has received so far has inspired him.

He dates his music career to 2007: “But it was not that serious then I released my first song in the same year. And in 2008 I released a couple of songs and I did perform in so many places in Kawale where I grew up.

“Then in 2009 I refrained from the music business till 2013 and in 2014 I released a dope song “Mwai wina” which I featured Kell Kay and Walzmenia. Which had a video as well. The song won a lot of people’s hearts and in 2015 I released Shosholo.’’

So far, he has dropped three songs from the mix tape he is working on.

The mixtape which fuses Pasada, House and slow beats genres which are all under his hip hop touch is titled Zaine.  It has 6 songs and he has among other artists featured GD, Kell Kay, Walzmenia and Mafuno in some of the songs.

It is a fact that every artist sets sights on where they would want to take their music to as a matter of both novelty and growth and Lil Vince is no exception.

He says as part of growth, he wants his music to fly outside Malawi saying he would want to feature international artists and get awards, something which he says remains a tall order for a blossoming artist in him.

Lil Vince however states that the hiccups most artists have fallen to are about funds. He says funds lack in both the production and promotion of the songs.

To his fans the starlet says: “I just want people to enjoy this song in their homes ,cars and on events like weddings and clubs while it carries a good message and I need serious support from people out there.’’

And to the girl in the song, please your man says stick to him.

‘Timve’ can be downloaded here.


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