Malawians warned on bogus car websites

The Malawi High Commission to the United Kingdom (UK) has warned Malawians in the country who buy vehicles from UK and Republic of Ireland to be vigilant as most of the purported online traders are bogus.

use cars
There are fake websites that claims to sell used cars such as these ones

The embassy has revealed that it has registered complaints from Malawians who have been duped by online vehicle dealers after making payments for cars.

According to the high commission in UK, fraudsters offer rock-bottom prices for vehicles including shipping costs to attract more customers.

After successful payment, these bogus websites expire as soon as they con a group of people.

Meanwhile, the commission has appealed to the general public to confirm with office whenever they want to buy a car in UK and Ireland through the internet.

The commission has assured all citizens that it will help them in tracking these bogus websites.

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  1. Komanso wandu wena kunyanya kufuna zotchipa mpaka kulipira 150 pounds ati afuna galimoto lopuma. Chifukwa kumakhala kuberedwa.

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