Primary school teacher robbed


crime (2)Thugs on Saturday broke into a teacher’s house in Ntchisi where they stole K600,000, Police say.

The money belongs to 56 year-old Ezala Meke who is a teacher at Nkhuzi Primary School in the district.

According to police in Ntchisi, the thieves gained entry into Meke’s house through the front window of the house.

Meanwhile, the law enforcers say they have intensified investigations in order to arrest the criminals and to recover the money.



  1. Is the teacher normal?How come for the to keep such amount of money in the house?.This teacher must know something.I urge you thdm the police to firstly question the teacher.

  2. Thugs?600,000? Teacher?Ha! What is this ignorant teacher thinking of the public and the police? This teacher is very lucky am not a policeman by professional ,I would have arrested him first?People may ask why? Just because he is an caught thug’where. How did he rise such amount of money?He is an overnight dealer.Those thugs are his busines partners taking there own share.Mr teacher please stop filing as with your JC certificate. Where was the Banks when you was keeping your bloody money in the house?Sorry if I have offended you.

  3. i can see kaguru kena kakuphunzira kupusa apa…. iyi ndingozi zachitikazachitika sinkhani yomaseka iyi. sorry wankulu Jah Jah abwezeretsa pamenepo osadanda.

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  5. Kodi iyeyu amavana ni mkwazi wake? Nanga pawana wake kapena vidzukulu palibe chimbava cha mowa ni Fodya? Ozilamu wake omabwela mnyumbamo olibwibwino? Komanso these figures of the amount of money stolen are the genuine? These journalists make a lot of mistakes these days. Nanga ngati mbeu zagulitsidwa kodi? Zafodya sizinabweletu ndipo sinanga tanguchoka panjala kumene? Mdala wa zaka ngati mezi, I think he must have a huge responsibility helping families during hunger times like just a few months back. Any way! It’s none of my business. About the figures it’s u writers who knw. Let me fuck my wife now!

  6. how did the thugs knows about the cash I think some of his friends betrayed him and they must be taken in 4 questioning

  7. What do we espect in a cold world like this,people out there have no mission to make money on there own,they will take ur money.becareful of lunatics,next time dont trust any body.

    1. by Malawian standards brother k600 000 is a lot of money. On average a Malawian citizen makes $240 a year and its approximately K170 000. In addition, 50% of the Malawian population lives on less than a dollar a day. So from that view you can tell how difficult it is for a person with minimal education to raise that some.

  8. Guys osafulumira kublema kut hw can he kip such amount of money in the house,mwina anali wokut wakangotenga kumene afuna agule ngini lyk malo,car etc,try 2 reason 1st then brng ur idea..xory teacher bola asiya moyo,.

  9. No mistake cz m’mabankmu Azimayi achiSikanawa akuwonjeza kupanga chigololo mu ma Office momo izi zimapangisa Ku ZISEPHA ndalama zathu zosatila zake sizimagwila bwino ntchito. ndiye iyeyu sanalakwise posunga nyumbamo koma Vuto ndi Mkazi wake Pakamwa Sanapasunge ndikuwona mbavazi zinaziwa ndikukabako.

  10. Kumunena munthu kuti mbuli ataberedwa K600,000, in cash to me i feel lyk its appying sulphulic acid on a fresh wound, lets we people learn to sympathyse with others. Atakhala abeledwa ndabamboako ndalama ya xul fees yako ungamve bwa?

  11. A poor teacher ..I know U kept the whole amount in yo home coz banks are 200kms a way from your village…Very sorry

  12. hw do those robbers knew that the teacher had huge money lyk that? the teacher knows something and he is behind this

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