Police blamed on fence-jumping incidents at BB, Nomads game

Limbani Matola

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has blamed Malawi police for failing to stop people who were jumping over the stadium fence to watch the Chifundo Shield Cup game for free.

According to FAM, the officers deployed at CIVO stadium seemed to be enjoying the game such that they failed to carry out their core duties. Reports sourced by this publication also reveals that some people forged the tickets which they were selling in cars at the stadium.

FAM’s Commercial Director Limbani Matola said the police officers assigned at the football games failed to bring sanity.

Limbani Matola
Matola; Blames the police.

“When I was moving around the stadium I saw people jumping over the fence around while the police officers were there just watching at those people, I even told the police officer who was that side that I need those people arrested but after the game no one has been arrested,” said Matola.

Matola further said that FAM has since appealed to Malawi police officials to take action over the matter.

The Chifundo Shield Cup was organised by Malawi Blood Transfusion Service and FAM to mobilise soccer lovers to donate blood. Bullets won the game 2-0 through goals from Muhammad Sulumba and Chiukepo Msowoya.



  1. Don’t blame the police. How can you construct a stadium’s face three {3} metres high. Learn from other countries. Very pathetic is that people even watch matches while in trees. Ndiyenso a policewo azikawatsitsa anthu mmitengomo?

  2. Apolisi ndi anthu ngati ifetomwe kusiyana ndi udindo wawo ndi zida zomwe amagwirisila ntchito mosata malamulo a ziko. Choncho amagwira ntchito mwa timing kutengela situation, place, how more or less the people at that particular place chifukwa nthawi zonse apolisi amakhala ochepa poyerekeza ndi ife anthu. Chitsanzo wapolisi ndi mfuti ndi tear gas anthu 1000 ndi zija mumamva kuti wapolice walandidwa mfuti kapena wavulazidwa. Anthu akachuluka sizibwana kuti munthu m’mozi atatu nkulimbananawo sizoona ayi ndiye tisana blame wina tizisata bwinobwino nkhani

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  4. Its your fault too, you people need to work together and stop pointing fingers, maybe then this country will go somewhere

  5. What if the Police had used the gun to shoot, or the tear gas 2 disperse the Uncivilized fans? What report wud u give?

  6. Farm should not blame police,yestarday i was at silver stadium i so apolice officer carring a water bord plastic pipe.How can he enforce the law at the stadium with a plastic pipe.

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