Police net 28 in sweeping exercise


ArrestedPolice in Limbe have arrested 28 people in a sweeping exercise on Tuesday in a bid to improve security in the area.

According to assistant Public Relations Officer Widson Nhlane, the 28 have been arrested on various charges including theft, robbery with violence, and being found with Canabis Sativa (Chamba).

He added that some of the suspects have also charged with offences of being found in possession of property suspected to have been stolen and rogue vagabond.

Nhlane also claimed that some of the prisoners were already on the wanted list of the law enforcers.

The townships within Limbe policing area are Makhetha, Manje, Limbe Central, Maselema, Mpingwe, Chinyonga, Kachere and Chikapa.

Limbe police have since thanked members of the public who made it easy for police to arrest criminals in various locations.

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