Chilumba Barracks in hot soup!

Chilumba Barracks

Fresh from making sombre revelations that they will not take part in the 2016-17 Super league due to huge financial problems, promoted military side, Chilumba Barracks could be paying a bounty fine to the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) due to their withdrawal.

Earlier last week, Malawi24 reported that the northern region based team had been written Sulom confirming their withdrawal due to financial constraints that have hit the club.

Chilumba Barracks
Chilumba Barracks could be fined.

According to one of the Chilumba officials, Brigadier General Alick Mhone ,MDF willnot manage to support a fifth team in the league due to meager resources.

MDF also made revelations thatit will only have three army teams in the top flight from next season on.

But Sulom now says the withdrawal has been wrongly timed saying that key preps for the team just like the others in the top tier near completion and that the move would cost the body a lot of time and resources.

Sulom’s General Secretary Williams Banda says among other things modalities like printing and purchase of jerseys for the club had already been done.

He says that the Sulom will however be meeting to map the way forward on the matter.

Ironically, the new team reportedly in the radar to replace Chilumba, Karonga United will also have to fulfill the Club Licensing novelty and procedures which end tomorrow, something which places up the turmoil ahead f the start of the league in just a weeks time.

This has also come at a time when an unrest over the 16th team to be promoted in the league has mounted.

Dedza Young Soccer still clings to a court injunction it obtained restraining the effectiveness of play offs.

Sulom mainatins they hope all these problems could be ended before the league starts.



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  1. afotokoza kale kuti the money is a refund for the works done on procurement and printing of kits. Zoti aCHILUMBAWO alibe dollar its not reason enough for them not to be repremanded.

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  4. team yilibe ndalama nde yilipila chani?….mwazolowera katangale pa nkhani ya dedza young soccer komanso ya jafali chande iya!!!!

  5. Bushiri mesa wapereka 75 million angoilandira basi

  6. Imwe wa sulom namwe mahala yamuchepelani nyama yakufwa kale nayo wakulasaso na futi muli wanthu mbu? Timu yilije ndalama mbwe mkuti yilipile

  7. what if the whole team had been called for a military operation as per national constitution, will you keep on pressing your fines on them? SULOM ipangeni handle bwino nkhaniyi, awatu si malaiya mwamva?

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