Govt, NGOs fight over arrests of street kids

Dr. Mary Shawa

The Malawi Government has hit back at critics of its decision to arrest parents of street kids in the country.

The exercise was expected to start next month but did not go well with some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) who suggested that government should stop the process.

Dr. Mary Shawa
Shaba: Street kids are haunting us.

The organizations were lobbying that government should provide a tangible solution to the matter rather than arresting the beggars since poverty forces them to stay in the streets.

However, principal secretary in the ministry of gender, children and social welfare Mary Shawa said government will not reverse its decision since it is following the Child Care Protection and Justice Act.

“The organizations who are against this process must read the Child Care Protection and Justice Act which stipulates that parents who had failed to take care of their children must face the law,” said Shawa.

According to the ministry, government previously targeted the children but it later realised that parents send their children to beg in the streets.

And that is why the ministry resolved to start removing street kids and arresting parents of such kids as well as those who give money to beggars.

She urged the organisations to work together with government by forming organisation where street kids will find help.

According to government findings, Out of 4,400 street kids in the country, only 400 kids do not have guardians while the others choose to go beg on the streets.



  1. Even here Capetown there r a lonts of streets kids .nde bwanji kunaku sakuamanga .and choti muziwe choti anawa sanafune kutti azakhale chocho ayi .koma kusowa zithu bwanji osawanthandiza kuwapangila chinachake kusiyana ndikuwmanga .inu mwawona kuti kuthesa Mavuto ndikuwamanga basi?

  2. Koma Joseph window walasa waboola nduna zinazi di zumafanana ndianawa mmalo moti aziwathandiza koma ai ndithu kaliyati enawa ndi ana akoso koma amai wina fusanani kunyumbako

  3. policy of id amin slowly slowly u r becoming adictator those r poor people just make job opportunities than arresting their parents.Shame on you

  4. Mr Ngwenya u hate NGOs using porchy cars,hw does the so called gvt(s) use our tax?Buying luxuries for them.Why do they fail to find a good shelter for them?Or the prisons are they for the poor only?

  5. hahaha poor goverment …y arresting them…if u want thm out of th street build shelters n take thm there…if u arrest th parent these kids will still be there.

  6. Anthu ambiri amene mukuti amangeninu ndi amene mukumapereka mimba mmiseumu kwa azimai ogona panja .
    Mukufuna anawo adzimangidwa chifukwa ana ena wo mukufanana nawo nkhope ndiye akukuchititsani manyazi .
    Ndaona choncho..

    Dziko la Malawi lalemela chimtundu chiani kuti mukadane ndi munthu opemphetsa ?

  7. Government should go ahead with the decision to arrest street kids and their parents ,these CSOs & NGOs have failed Malawi they receive millions of dollars,drive in pochy cars, but failing to feed few street kids on our roads. What they are fearing is cut of aid not welfare of the kids. It doesn’t need a 4by 4 double cabin to pick a street kid in city centre, town hall. Hon Kaliati is right Bravo Mai Athu. Osawanyengerera

    1. use the resources for arresting to take care of the vulnerable children. csos are not a replacement of government. government should not drive in posh fuel guzzlers while children are languishing on our streets

  8. ” But some of these children are being sent to the streets with the same parents so that once they bring their lucky packages later in day, then the family gets a beat sorted for an overnight. So arresting such people is not gona squeeze down the problem as you might take a look, but will let the problem rise the ladders bkos if more parents of the street kids gets arrested it means more street kids remains without parents/guardians as a result they still all will flock to the streets ” kukasuntha vuto wawa “in their daily lives since they are also parenting themselves “

  9. Anjateni amenewo iya, muyambe ndi awo akuti ayi. These street kids when they grow zimadzakhala zigadanga zoopsa nkumatiberanso, adzipita kumudzi kwao basi, azigogo awo akusowa owayatsira chingambwe

  10. everything start from street mr, if you want clean the city just give them good plans not way you are thinking

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  12. You hv already stated that our prison are conjested,where wil you put these innocents to save there crimes commited.But do you know that other kids do this on their own without parent knowledge?If you arest these parents wil it be the end of poverty mr government?

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