Grace Chinga’s album pirated

Grace Chinga

Unscrupulous people are selling pirated copies of Grace Chinga’s yet to be released album, despite earlier assurances by the project’s producer that the songs are under control.

The late musician wanted to release the album in June this year.

She had however released a single titled N’dzaulura which continues to enjoy airplay on many radio stations.

Grace Chinga
Grace Chinga’s pirated album cover. (Credit: Lucius Banda)

But some thieves have stolen the yet to be released songs and are selling the CD at K500.

Reacting to the reports, musician Lucius Banda found it disheartening that Malawians are buying the pirated album just days after burying the musician.

“She left this album unreleased. She left three young children. We gathered in huge multitude claiming we loved her. Today someone is selling a pirated copy of the album, and we are buying it. Do we know what we want in life amalawi?” wrote Banda on Facebook.

Chinga died on Wednesday last week at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital after a short illness.

On Saturday, thousands of people attended her funeral at Robin’s Park in Blantyre and her burial on the same day at HHI Cemetery.

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  3. Not that am backing “piracy” but, this album isn’t the first to be pirated in the country and we all would agree on that, so why you making a big deal out of it? Is it because the lady is gone?

  4. it is unfortunate to learn that even the MP Lucius Banda Dont Know who to direct thé blame to, ask the producers and directors,yooo! very bad

  5. Producer waenela kudziwapo kanthu pamenepo,afinyidwe ngati mukufuna kudziwa chilungamo.

  6. E,,,mbavainu,zoona,mwafunakudyelathukuta,lamalemu?amalawitinakhalabwanji.zamanyazi.mulunguatithandizilendithu.may,R.I.P.tidzaonanaso,tikachitabwinopakoli.amen.

  7. Malawi dziko lankhanza kutiphera oyimba wa2 ndepano mwati tiyambe kuononga zin2 zake ufitiii chani??mwandikwiyisa pondiphera ccta Grace,stupid Malawi futsek

  8. Zachisoni kwambiri amalawi munabadwa bwanji m’kwiyo wa mulungu ugwele kwa aliyense opanga m’chitidwe oyipawu.

  9. Musandikwiyitse inu mukupanga zimenezo???Mtundu wa amalawi kulira sitinathe mungatero zoona????Ambuye achite nanu nonse mukupanga zimenezi ndipo mudziwe kuti mkwiyo wake ugwera inu.

  10. Mkwiyo wa Mulungu ugwere kwa iye wayambitsa izi Mukumva bwanji Mumtima mwanu?Zindikilani nkhani ya imfa Imakhala yophweka ikakhala kuti imfayo sinagwe mnyumba mwanu..Anthu sanamalize kulira inu mukupanga izi????shaaaa

  11. Producer is the source and IF, one to be slapped by the court order on this misery. Barely days after burial of her remains then this? What brings happiness to u pipo? I think police are ones to help us with inverstigation and confiscate those found salling. OH NO! Lord, help us!

  12. Ndiye mukamati Umfiti kulibe is it true? What is different umfiti ndi zimene achita amewazi? Yesterday they were pretending as if they were sorry for her sudden death; amalawi are good at shedding crocodile’s tears.. So sad!

  13. spana vute apa……tonse tiyang’ane producer yo……..akapanda kunena bhoo mob justice bax

  14. Ndie aMalawi amenewo they prefer to buy fake stuff ngakhale adziwe kuti this is fake they stil go for it.

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