Police, Asians fight street begging


The Malawi Police Service has partnered the Asian community in the country in a bid to end street begging.

Speaking during an interface meeting with the members of Asian business community in Blantyre on Tuesday, Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police for Southern Region Arlene Baluwa said police should work diligently in carrying out the exercise.

National Police Child Protection Officer Alexander Ngwata said the police will not only remove the beggars but also protect children’s rights.

street kids Malawi

Street begging to be stopped.

According to the police, authorities will protect the beggars by finding homes for them.

Ngwata added that this will be done for the beggars’ growth and development.   

On his part, acting Chairperson for Limbe Asian Community, Makbul Latif said beggars brings problems to residents hence communities should stop giving money to street beggars.

“We will encourage them to have that money given to establish institutions that provide vocational training to children,” he said.

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