Councillor pledges to construct roads

Lirangwe-Chingale-Machinga road project

Lirangwe-Chingale-Machinga road projectCouncillor for Nyambadwe Ward in Ndirande  Leonard Chibade has told residents in the area that he will construct roads.

Chibade said he has already started constructing a road called Chinseu-Magalasi as a way of providing easy movement for the residents.

According to the councillor, the construction of the road is a starting point as more roads will be built in the area since government has allocated K1.8 billion to Blantyre City Council for roads in the commercial city.

He said he will lobby the council to use some of the funding for constructing roads in the area.

He however asked residents in his area to take care of social services and to use them responsibly.

Chinseu-Magalasi road becomes impassable especially when it is raining and residents in the area have for a long time called for the need to repair the road.

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  1. Kkkkkkk zabodza mudziti mulimbika kupelekera matope omangira kwa Chalamanda, miseu ili pa programme la city councli mwangokumana nazo!campaign!

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