Wizards sink Airborne in playoffs

Fisd Wizards

Peter Mponda’s Wizards FC today reduced Airborne Rangers’ chances of returning to the top flight league after beating the soldiers 2-1 in first Super League playoff match at Civo Stadium on Friday afternoon.

It was the soldiers who first rose to the occasion as they dominated possession in the first opening minutes of the first half. They attacked Wizards on several occasions but their strikers lacked the scoring composure in front of goal.

Fisd Wizards
Wizards: have started well in the playoffs.

After 15 minutes, Mponda’s side started building some momentum as they started attacking the Airborne Rangers goal but the soldiers stood firm at the back.

In the 24th minute, Bernard Chimaimba gave the Chilomoni outfit the lead after he beat the Airborne Rangers goalkeeper.

After that goal, both Airborne Rangers started attacking the Wizards goal in numbers and set the intensity of the game to be higher but Peter Mponda’s boys defended well to deny the soldiers an equalising goal.

After a tense first half, the turning point came in the second half In the 61st minute when Airborne Rangers found their equalising goal through Stain Malata after the soldiers had exchanged excellent passes in the Wizards half.

Both Wizards and Airborne Rangers started showing some quality and excellent passing football as they were  in search for their a winning goal.

In the 19th minute of the second half, it was Patrick Phiri who punished the soldiers when he scored a beauty for Mponda’s side after he was well set inside the Airborne Rangers box and he made no mistake but to put Wizards 2-1 up.

After that goal, Airborne Rangers again started dominating possession but as Wizards defended well until the last whistle of the second half.

Speaking after the game, Mponda said he was happy that his boys have started the playoffs with a win but he admitted that they did not play their usual game.

Wizards will on Sunday take on Dedza Young Soccer at Civo stadium in the final playoff game while Airborne will tomorrow take on Dedza Young Soccer in their last playoff.

Meanwhile, Dedza Young Soccer have obtained a court injunction stopping the Super League of Malawi from continuing with  the 2016 playoffs.

The match Between Dedza and Airborne Rangers is in doubt as reports reaching this publication are showing that Dedza will not show up tomorrow for the game.
If Dedza will not indeed show up for the game against Airborne on Saturday, it will be to the advantage of Mponda’s side as they will earn promotion to the Super League.



  1. Guyz, kulephera kulibe pang’ono. Onsewa anali mugulu lolephera and ndichifukwa chaKe anawachotsa mu supper league. Choncho sizolakwika kuti olephera okhaokha apikisanenso kuti apeze mmodzi owina amene asawere nawo mu league yayikulu. Lisiyeni lamulo ligwire ntchito yake basi, uyo ati anyanyaleyo ndizake zimenezo akangoyamba kusewera Wa azimayi chifuKwa ife timakhulupirira kuti mwamuna samanyanyala, sangatithandize amenewo

  2. We will not because iwill answer what is needed to answer

  3. shit happenz to de shit solum from the shit officials to de shit FAM mwandinyansa ngati bala lachinyawo fotseki nonse akusolum ,ndakhukupiriladi kuti sukulu suyichotsa uchitsiru imangochosa umbuli

  4. SULOM is right. It is stipulated in the standings of rules that three eqaul losers will be relagated and these are relagated teams. There is nothing wrong here let them compete for the last slot. Do they know the consequencies of taking taking footballs matters to court? Let losers compete for the slot. This is new competetions. These are currently non leaguers given chance to be in the super league through competing so why fuss.

  5. Guys every competition has its own way to determine the winner. Dedza is taking its own time as such it Will not survive. if it is a good team let it play and prove to us how good it is

  6. Honestly speaking there is foul play here! Sulom have definitely eaten the buns: Sulom has got the Super league chart and according to their standing Dedza was leading the chart ie one of the best three. Koma ku Malawi corruption idzatha???

    1. 15 teams qualified and Dedza ddnt! All those who failed ro make it are up for play offs….nothing sinister here!

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  8. Dedzayo ifuna ikakhaleso donar wa mapoints eti, ngat ali fit kulowa mu premear leage akuopa chani? Sitikufunaso magemu omachita kudziwiratu kut apa atawine ndi akut dis season mu pl isa

  9. Relegation is relegation,whether they finishd at a better position cmprd wt the other relagatd teams that doesnt matter,now these guys have been given the same opportunity ayenera kudziombolaka….

  10. Haha u ppo… ngat Dedza ili better let them play n win the playoffs, simple…. akuopa chani??? The thing is initially all the three teams were supposed to b relegated irrespective of their positions, n that put all the three teams in the same position, hence the playoffs…… is dc difficult to understand? honestly i don’t see any chibanzi o foul play here

    1. kod who said the team finishng on position 13 wont be choped.. all the 3 teams were religated.. thts wat i kno.. after fisd has managed to sell 7 players… awa ndye amayenera kudandaula

    2. Dedza should know that there is no returning to superleague through the window.if they wanted to remain into superleague they would have beaten Epac in their last game.

    3. Dedza should know that there is no returning to superleague through the window.if they wanted to remain into superleague they would have beaten Epac in their last game.

  11. Dedza Ituluke Ndi Yachimidzi Kodi Malamulo Amapanga Ndi Osewera Kapena Oyendetsa Masewera? Dedza Sanaibere Inapangidwa Relegate Zanatha Uwunso Ndi Mpikisano Wina Ndipo Amene Amafunika Kuti Alowe Mu League Ndi A Number 2 Ochokera Mu Mpira Ndi Kumaka Senjere ,chipiku Ndi Northern League Koma Kutenga Otuluka Mu League Kale Angopangira Kuti Ali Ndi Ma Sponsor Kale Chifukwa League Yatsala Pang,ono

    1. Senseless point… ukati amafunika alowe ndima # 2 ochokera zigawo zonse nde kuti chani..? Akanatenga those 3 teams u r talking about,how many teams would b in the League..? I heard that they wnt 2 make 16 teams (premier).. Mponda bribes SULOM.. Ndani sakudziwa zimenezi…???????

  12. Honestly speaking.. Dedza yabeledwa,4 me I dnt c the reason of play offs,Dedza imayenenera kungolowa basi coz ndiimene idathera pa # 13.. Kwayenda chinyengo ku Sulom,Mponda wawayika chibazi kukamwa akuluakulu a SULOM.. Zangoonetsera2 kuti a SULOM amafuna Wizard isatuluke basi…!

    1. ayi sinaberedwe even ku south Africa zimachitika no matter asiyana zigoli kaya point .. we work up gyz mpila muziusatila nafenso timafuna dedza italowa koma akiyenela kulemekeza lamuro

    2. No no no guyz zinazi zimayenera kuchitika automatically,,,pamafunika team imodzi mwa matimu omwe analimo kalewo,,,bwanj osangotenga yomwe inali bwinoyo coz ndiyomwe inayesetsa,pali chifukwa chanj choti apikisanenso popeza dedza yachita kale show kuti ili strong pa anzakewo,,,,ku Germany,hannover 96 inalandira barn kumapeto kwa season yatha popeza inali ndi ngongole,,,inatsalira mu league ndipo pamafunika ina yoti ichite replace,,,anatenga hamburger sv popeza ndiyomwe inali bwino pama team atatu a religation,,,bwanj sanapikisanenso onsewo amu religation-wo??? Tiyeni tikambe mosayang’ana mbali

    3. Tsotsi Epac imayenera kumva lamulo la sulom rama play offs kuti dziko lidziwe kuti they are really superleague material. akanakara kuti anaimenya Epac Ija zonsezi palibe. they failed themselves not sulom.

    4. Tsotsi Epac imayenera kumva lamulo la sulom rama play offs kuti dziko lidziwe kuti they are really superleague material. akanakara kuti anaimenya Epac Ija zonsezi palibe. they failed themselves not sulom.

  13. nd zomwe a solom amafuna zmenez.,..dedza munaybela pot ndyakumudz…dats y kumalaw kuno kulibe mpra wabwno katangale too much

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